Al-Qaeda 2010

Newsweek´s Sami Yousafzai has written an incredible piece telling the story of a young Pakistani teenager joining al-Qaeda in the tribal areas of Waziristan in 2009. The boy leaves his parents home in Karachi to live a jihadist´s life in terror training camps along the Afghan border. He meets high ranking al-Qaeda leaders like Adam Gadahn alias „Azzam al Amriki“ and Western Jihad recruits – including three Germans – and witnesses deadly CIA drone attacks.

This great article gives a rare insight look into how Osama Bin Laden´s terror network looks like in 2010. By telling the story of the Pakistani teenager who willingly joined militants in their fight against NATO in Afghanistan, an authentic picture is drawn of the situation in the tribal areas today.

Al-Qaeda is only a miniture faction in the Pakistani/Afghan insurgency but the stream of foreign fighters is ongoing, including Saudi jihadis bringing in a steady flow of cash.

Click here to read „Inside al-Qaeda“


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