Al-Jazeera confirms my „al-Qaeda in Kunduz“-Post

The English-speaking wing of Al-Jazeera broadcasted a clip by Sue Turton from Afghanistan today. It is called „Al-Qaeda fighters swell Taliban ranks“ and confirms my recent post on how foreign fighters are hijacking the native Taliban insurgency in North Afghanistan which I posted two days ago.

The video shows Taliban groups welcoming foreign militants to join them in their fight against NATO. A US-Military spokeswoman confirms the fact that al-Qaeda fighters are flushing into the northern parts of the country, mainly around Baghlan and Kunduz province.

Al-Jazeera reports that up to 30 % of the members of Taliban fighting groups in North Afghanistan are Non-Afghans. The younger generation of Taliban fighters do not differentiate from the foreign jihadis coming from Pakistan, Central Asia and the Caucasus but rather accept them as „brothers“.

The TV crew was not allowed to film the foreign fighters of Baghlan who were praying in one village´s mosque but they showed suspected al-Qaeda militants in Kunduz, wearing clothes that are different from the local Taliban dress.


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