The Story of Sharif Mobley

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sharif Mobley, worked in several American nuclear plants and was known as a faithful Muslim with no connection to violence. In 2004 he made Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi-Arabia, followed by several additional travels to the Middle East in order to learn Arabic and study Islam. By 2008 Mobley had married and moved to Yemen with his wife and the young daughter.

Searching for a proper place to learn more about his religion and to study the Quran in an truely Islamic environment, the 25 year-old American contacted the notorious Jihad preacher Anwar al-Awlaki (a U.S. citizen), prior to moving to Yemen.
That connection turned out to be a dangerous one, as U.S. intelligence became interested in Mobley after a young Nigerian Jihadi trained to bomb an American passager plane over Detroit on Christmas 2009. The would-be bomber was recruited by Awlaki and sent to al-Qaeda training camps in Yemen.

Sharif Mobley was arrested by Yemeni intelligence, allegedly beaten and tortured and at last interviewed by F.B.I. agents. What they wanted was a simple answer to „Where is Anwar al-Awlaki“? A question Sharif Mobley could not answer because he did not know where the al-Qaeda Shaykh was. When Yemeni anti-terror-units accused Mobley of being a member of al-Qaeda and threatened to imprison, torture and rape his wife and daughter, the American Muslim freaked out and shot a Yemeni security guard.

This happened on 6 March 2010. Since then Sharif Mobley is imprisoned in Yemen on suspicion of murder, awaiting trial.

Read the story of how he was on the wrong place at the wrong time here


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