The New Rise of Al-Qaeda in Iraq

A very good report by the LA Times shows the emerging threat coming from al-Qaeda in Iraq regrouping as US troops begin withdrawal from the country. In Western Anbar province, in Diyala and south of Baghdad, areas where the terror group was close to be defeated on a military level,  al-Qaeda is gaining strength again and threatening security in the new Iraq.

Sheikhs and tribal leaders are facing deadly attacks by the religious extremist that are recruiting the young, desperate and often scared Iraqis living in areas without much government control. Due to the lack of paying salaries and with their strongest ally – the US forces – leaving Iraq, the so-called „Awakening Councils“ are deteriorating.

When corruption is spreading, Shiite militias working hand-in-hand with the new Iraqi government and US troops handing over security tasks to local police and military forces – a new generation of al-Qaeda is being recruited in a very desperate situation.
„We have to recognize that we are dealing with the third generation of Al Qaeda that is more advanced, so we have to deal with this,“ Defense Minister Obeidi says,  „There are definite signs of regeneration.“

Signs of the new rise of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia can be witnessed in news media in the form of large scale suicide car bombings shacking the Iraqi capital and police and army recruitment centres on weekly basis again.

„We went a lengthy time without huge car bombs, and suddenly we are getting them,“ a senior U.S. officer said. „Without good support for the Awakening, Qaeda is starting to morph back into areas.“

Read the great article here


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