Yemen´s al-Qaeda problem solvable

Aaron Y.Azelin, a research assistant in the politics department at Brandeis University and blogger collegue, wrote an interesting article for Foreign Policy´s Middle East Channel.

In it, Azelin asks the question: „What if Obama´s Yemen policy works?“ The United States have supported the Yemeni regime with more than US $ 1 Billion over recent years to fight terrorism. Yet, al-Qaeda grows stronger and even expands its terror campaign outside of the country, trying to kill a Saudi-Arabian Prince and blowing up a U.S. airliner on its way from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Is it still legitimate to finance Yemen´s Anti-Terror-Operations when military and security forces are obviously not doing a well enough job in fighting al-Qaeda? Aaron Azelin says it is worth to continue support for Yemen – but on different levels.

Al-Qaeda has to be defeated not only in a military way – question remains if that is even possible – but also economically and on a social level. If al-Qaeda in Yemen is able to strike the U.S. it becomes likely for America to take over the „Yemeni  AQ problem“ themselves, meaning not only start a CIA drone campaign similar to that already going on in Pakistan, but also sending in U.S. special forces to hunt down al-Qaeda operatives such as Anwar al-Awlaki.

To read Azelin´s article click here.

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