Taliban´s Kandahar attacks

by Florian Flade

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The Afghan Taliban´s media wing has released a new video dedicated to showing attacks especially suicide bombings in the Kandahar area.
Seen in the 32-minute long video are young men being prepared with suicide bomber vests and giving their martyrdom testimonies before leaving for their suicidal operation.

As usual the Taliban exaggerate the outcome of their attacks, saying hundreds of US and Afghan troops died in the filmed suicide operations against Kandahar Airfield, a ANP Police Academy and a base for security contractors.

One attack now featured in the new Taliban video is very likely the August 03th assault on Kandahar Airfield´s US military base, which was repelled by the International Forces.
At around 10 a.m. a huge explosion rocked one gate of the NATO base, setting of a giant cloud of smoke. The bombing was followed by rocket impacts and several armed attackers trying to enter the area with explosives strapped to their bodies.

The Taliban claim to have killed around 300 American soldiers, while the real result of the failed operation was six Taliban fighters killed, two of them detonated their bombs, the others were shot. No casualties were reported on the side of NATO forces.

One interesting aspect of the Taliban´s new video is one of the suicide bombers who does not appear to be of Afghan origin. To me he looks Arab, maybe Pakistani.


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