New al-Qaeda Video from American Adam Gadahn

by Florian Flade

For a long time there was a propaganda silence on al-Qaeda´s American spokesman, Adam Yahya Gadahn alias „Azzam al Amriki“. Earlier this year new reports out of Pakistan suggested the American convert to Islam was arrested in Karachi, which was proven wrong soon later. Another American Jihadi with a similar names had been captured – Gadahn still rooms the Waziristan area of the tribal region.

Now the Californian jihadi is featured in a new 7-minute English video lecture titled „The Tragedy of the Floods“. For the first time the AQ spokesman is seen sitting on rocks outside of a building, under open skies, dressed all in a white robe, holding a Kalashnikov gun in his hands.

Gadahn talks about the recent flood tragedy that hit large parts of Pakistan including the Swat Valley and killed several thousand people, displacing whole villages.

„On behave of my brothers the Mujahiddeen I express my condolences to the families of all Muslims killed both in the floods and in the military operations“, Gadahn says, „I ask Allah to have mercy on their loved-ones and except them as martyrs.“

„Such life-changing events – while tragic – are also opportunities sent by Allah to stock of our situation“, the American convert states, „To see what in ourselves and our societies might be in need of reform. Unfortunately in this day and age their are many things which must be changed – not the least of which is the way our countries are governed.“

Gadahn attacks the Pakistani leadership, saying their were hoping to receive hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in foreign aid. Instead only a few millions were donated to Pakistan, which – as Gadahn states – might be a hint to were the priorities of international donors lay.

Most of the money coming to Pakistan from foreign nations is ending up at the hands of Pakistani Generals, Gadahn says.

In Afghanistan, President Karzai is caring more the „handful of traitors whose identities were revealed in the leaked American war documents“ than about „the Afghan Muslims“, the al-Qaeda spokesman claims. For the first time the terror network mentions the WikiLeaks „Afghan War Diaries“, talking about the names of U.S. intel sources which regarded as spies and traitors by the Jihadi groups.

It is very obvious that Adam Gadahn, who´s message is likely to have been recorded in Ramadan this year (probably mid or late August), is trying to proof he is not afraid of the CIA drones, showing himself somewhere in the mountains of Waziristan in broad daylight in a white dress.
A young Pakistani al-Qaeda recruit told a Pakistani journalist, he used to see Gadahn on a regular basis in the tribal areas in 2009 and early 2010. Now, the teenager stated, the American disappeared, probably hiding from drone attacks.

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