Video Shows Burial of German Jihadis

by Florian Flade

Ahmet M.- Islamic Jihad Union´s  Late Propaganda Chief

Almost six months after they were killed by Pakistani soldiers, an Islamic militant group in the Pakistan tribal areas released a memorial video showing the burial of the three German Jihadis Eric Breininger, Danny R. and Ahmet M. The video was announced months ago but was only released some days ago.

The three Islamists from Germany died when Pakistani troops opened fire on their car near Mir Ali on April 30th. Shortly after, the soldiers handed over the bodies of the killed Germans to the militant group in who´s ranks they fought.

Eric Breininger („Abdulgaffar al-Almani“), a 22 year-old convert from Neunkirchen, had traveled to Pakistan in late 2007, joining the Uzbek terror group „Islamic Jihad Union“ (IJU). He appeared in several propaganda videos released by this group, calling German Muslims to Jihad.

Danny R., known as „Abu Abdullah al-Almani“, was also a White convert, a Dutch citizen who lived in Berlin before joining the IJU in Pakistan in September 2009. R. was featured in a previous video released by the break-off group „German Taliban Mujahideen“, but with a hidden face.

In the newly released martyrdom video, 21 year-old Danny R. is seen firing rockets in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, telling how Sharia will be implemented there.

For the first time ever without face-covering, German-Turk Ahmet M., is shown in the burial video, sitting down with a Kalashnikov rifle in his hands, telling Muslims in Germany to join the Jihad.

M., who´s warrior name was „Selahuddin Turki“, was born in German town of Salzgitter and deported to Turkey several years ago. He was regarded as the major player in the IJU´s propaganda work, being responsible for German propaganda tapes.

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High Quality Pictures of dead Ahmet M. and Eric Breininger

Since Ahmet M.´s death in the shootout in April, IJU propaganda quality and volume decreased. Less videos are released and the quality of the tapes is usually very bad. It seems that with the death of Ahmet M., the propaganda wing of the militant group is broken. The release of the blurry martyrdom video, which shows the bodies of Danny R., Eric Breininger and Ahmet M., five days ago, is a clear proof IJU lacks propaganda (software, video and photo) experts.

See excerpt of the video in this post from Wednesday, 20th of October on WELT Online here


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