AQAP`s September Test-Run

by Florian Flade

Skyline of Chicago in newest Online-Magazine released by al-Qaeda in Yemen

Allegedly there was a „dry-run“ by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula prior to the recent failed parcel-bomb plot. In mid-September, U.S. officials are telling media, somebody in Yemen with connections to al-Qaeda, sent a package to Chicago, containing mainly books and CDs.

Apparently this parcel was meant to work as a test-run, giving the terror network a chance to figure out how long air mail would travel from the Middle East to the U.S..

Why al-Qaeda targeted especially Chicago is a question that can only be answered by the group itself. President Obama, though not born in Chicago, is very much connected to the city. There is also a significant Jewish community living there – maybe that is the reason al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula presented a picture of Chicago´s skyline in the latest edition of their Online-Magazine.

And one more thing about Chicago…on August 30th, the Yemeni-born men were arrested by Dutch police on board a U.S. passenger plane. They had flown from Chicago to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. What made them suspicious was the usual luggage both men carried. One was a cellphone strapped to a liquid bottle. In addition, police found 7,000 $ US in cash.

On September 2th both men were released because no charges were filed against what looked like a „terrorist dry-run“.


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