Osama Bin Laden & France

In his most recent audio tape, al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden adressed  France, urging the government to cancel the Burqa-ban and stop intervening in Muslim affairs in North Africa. Most media outlets interpreted Bin Laden´s message as a declaration of war against France and saw a clear security risk in the direct and harsh adress to „The People of France“.

Jonathan Laurence and Justin Vaisse of Foreign Policy Magazine came to the conclusion, Bin Laden´s warning to France actually creates a chance for France to fix the mistake in its policy towards Muslims.

„Muslim leaders have reaffirmed their loyalty to the French Republic and demonstrated their solidarity with overall public opinion by issuing denunciations of bin Laden’s statement“ – Laurence´s and Vaisse´s article says. It is worth reading the piece called „Bin Laden´s Backfire“, read it here.


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