After Video-Threats – German Terror Suspect Arrested

by Florian Flade

Yesterday I reported on Welt Online about video threats made by German individuals against Germany, demanding the release of imprisoned terrorist Daniel „Abdullah“ Schneider. The three videos, posted on Youtube in Mid-October, featured two men with hidden faces, threatening bomb attacks in Germany if Schneider is not released and sent back to Afghanistan by plane.

Daniel Schneider, a convert to Islam who was trained in Waziristan terror camps, was part of the so-called „Sauerland-Gruppe“, a group formed by members of the „Islamic Jihad Union“ (IJU) in West Germany. Together with fellow convert Fritz Gelowicz and German-Turkish Adem Yilmaz, Schneider plotted to attack U.S. military bases in Germany. Police intervened as the group was building bombs in a rented house in the Sauerland region of western Germany.

In Spring, the „Sauerland-Zelle“ was sentenced for establishing a terror organization and plotting murder. Daniel Schneider was sentenced to twelve years in prison. His lawyer told me, Schneider does not know who is behind the video threats and does not recognize the voices. Overall he does not even want to rejoin Jihad in Afghanistan, as the unknown men in the videos demanded.

Today, in the early morning hours, police commandos raided a flat in Neunkirchen, in the Sauerland region, arresting a young man (Kevin S.) who is said to have recorded the threat videos and uploaded them to Youtube. Police spokesman said the terror suspect, a former Christian from Cameroon, was under 24-7 surveillance for at least two weeks. A press conference on the arrest is expected later today.

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