German Jihadi Martyrs

by Florian Flade

About a month after they were killed in a U.S drone attack on a compound in North Waziristan, pictures of two dead German Jihadi militants have been released.

The images show the burial of Shahad Dashti, a Hamburg resident of Iranian descent, and Bünyamin E., a 20year-old German national of Turkish origin from Wuppertal. Both Islamists had joined the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (MU) and stayed in a building near Miranshah, when missiles fired from a unmanned drone, hit the compound on October 4th.

Shahab Dashti, who was born in Iran and fled to Germany with his parents in the early 1990s, was a regular worshipper at Hamburg´s famous Taiba Mosque. He converted from Shiism to Salafi Islam and travelled to Pakistan in March 2009 with his wife, fellow Taiba visitor Ahmad Wali Siddiqui, Siddiqui´s wife and the younger brother.

Known as „Abu Askar“, Shahab Dashti, was featured in at least three IMU propaganda tapes releases since October 2009, urging German Muslims to join Jihad in Waziristan.

Bünyamin E. left Germany in September and somehow ended up with militants in the Pakistan-Afghan border region. His family says Bünyamin planned on visiting a relative in Pakistan to learn about Islam and study the Quran. In early October, his brother called the parents from Pakistan, telling them Bünyamin was killed in a missile strike.

According to German intelligence sources, besides Shahab Dashti and Bünyamnin E., at least one more militant from Germany died in the very same drone attack.

Naamen Meziche, who holds dual French-Algerian citizenship, was a well known figure in the Jihadi community of Hamburg. He was a friend of the 9/11 cell and was suspected of being involved in trafficking terror recruits from Europe to Iraq. Meziche´s death has not been confirmed yet by militant sources. Reports suggest he joined al-Qaeda in Waziristan and was part of the plotting circle for a upcoming series of attacks in Europe.

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