„…not to hide it“ – Anwar al-Awlaki´s Newest Video

by Florian Flade

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The latest Anwar al-Awlaki video titled „To make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it” was kind of surprise for those following the Jihadi Internet propaganda regularly – not so much because of the message delivered by the US-Yemeni preacher but for several other reasons.

Why was the video not released by Al-Malahim, the official media wing of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula?

If this footage was not recorded by Al-Qaeda in Yemen, who did it?

Anwar al-Awlaki got awarded by the media the title „Most Dangerous Terrorist“ or „Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen“ – why is he not using this image to his advantage and presents himself as the one others say he is?

The key to Awlaki´s fame is with no doubt the influence on Western Muslims – So why not preach to them in English instead of Arabic (a language not spoken by British Muslim Youth of Pakistani origin for example)?

Awlaki´s message in general is covering several issues, among them the Sunni vs. Shia fight and the attack on corrupt Arab traitor regimes. The title of the video message hints to a Quranic Verse Surah 3:187

„Allah took a covenant from those who received the scripture: „You shall proclaim it to the people, and never conceal it.“ But they disregarded it behind their backs, and traded it away for a cheap price. What a miserable trade.“

The Yemeni government and Ulama, Awlaki claims, are acting as friends and allies of the U.S. and the Jews. According to the Jihadi preacher they have become „more Crusader-like than the Crusaders, and more Jewish-like than the Jews“.

Somalia´s Shabaab militants and the Afghan Taliban are titled „brothers“ by Awlaki, naming them as true actors according to Sharia.

Awlaki also attacks Shia Iran, saying the Iranian nuclear program does not serve the Ummah and the establishment of the Kalifat but only „the Persian, the Shia project“.

Most importantly Anwar al-Awlaki calls for the killing of Americans without waiting for religious justification by any of the Ulama. „Do not consult anyone in killing the Americans. Fighting Satan does not require a jurisprudence. It does not require consulting. It does not need a prayer for the cause. They are the party of Satan…“

See the Arabic transcript of Awlaki´s latest time here

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