Fitnah in the Caucasus


Colleague Aaron Zelin wrote a very interesting article for „The Atlantic“ on the latest developments within the Caucasian Jihadi Movement of the „Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus“. Just as it seemed a new surge in violence in Chechnya, Ossetia, Dagestan and other places of the Caucasus is about to drive the region into the next war, the Islamist rebel movements officially led by Dokku Umarov, is facing internal fighting over the leadership question.

Umarov´s leadership is threatened by opponents working as the regional or Wilayat commanders of the „Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus“. Some of those regional Jihadi leaders refused to swear the ba´yat (oath) to a new leader shortly after Dokku Umarov himself declared he would resign as the Emir of the Islamic Emirate of the Caucsus back in July. Successors started to fight on who is about to lead the Jihad against the regional Pro-Russian forces – the movement since then is shaken by lack of unity.

Read more about this fitnah in the Caucasian Jihadi Movement in Aaron´s piece „Jihadists in Crisis“ here.

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