The Mossad and the Killing of Iranian Scientists

In a few weeks Meir Dagan will hand over the position of the leader of the world´s most mysterious intelligence agency to his successor. But before he retires, the head of Israeli Mossad probably wanted to leave one more last achievement during his term: killing those responsibly for building Iran´s nuclear weapons that threaten Israeli national security.

At least that´s what The Telegraph´s Gordon Thomas writes in his newest article titled „Mossad: Was this the chief´s last hit?“. He quotes Mossad-Insiders of telling Dagan ordered a hit-team of special trained assassins to Tehran on the mission to kill Iranian nuclear scientists.

One week ago Majid Shahriyari was killed and Fareydoun Abbasi-Davani seriously injured when motorcyclistsd drove next to their cars and attached an explosive device to the window shortly before the bomb exploded. Shariyari allegedly just returned from North Korea where he had spent to discuss a co-production deal over nuclear centrifuges.

Just hours after the successful and failed assassinations took place in Iran´s capital, police were quick to point the finger at Israeli agents claiming they killed the nuclear scientists to disrupt the uranium-enrichment program.

Read more on why it is likely this murder was the last hit by Israel´s most powerful intelligence figure here

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