An Englishman in Afghanistan… – Meet Adam the Jihadi

by Florian Flade

His name is „Adam“. Adam left his homeland of Great Britain for a vacation of a very different kind. The British man, approximately in his 20s or early 30s went to Afghanistan, to the violent eastern province of Kunar and joined up with the Taliban fighters of the Haqqani clan operating across the border from Pakistan.

An Al-Jazeera camera team met „Adam“ while filming Taliban militants in the mountains of Kunar. The footage shows the British Jihadi, hiding his face behind a scarf wrapped around his head, handling what appears to be a American M-15 Assault rifles, probably captured by the Taliban after a firefight with US-Soldiers.

The foreign militant from Europe is then interviewed by Al-Jazeera and confirms: „I´m a from the West.“ He joined the Taliban movement to fight foreign occupiers and establish Sharia in Afghanistan.

Adam is just the latest example of British militants turning up at the frontlines of Afghanistan – on the side of the Islamist militancy. I posted a story by the British Guardian about Afghans living in the EU and traveled back to Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban. Highlight of this story was a cab driver from London who spent vacation time as a Islamist warrior in the North of Afghanistan.

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