Luton´s Islamic Centre Responds to Swedish Suicide Bombing

Taimour Abdulwahhab al-Abdaly, the Swedish citizen of Iraqi descent who carried out the first suicide bombing in Sweden last weekend, has been described by the media as a student turned terrorist while living in Britain. The Muslim community of Luten, the media stated, had radicalized al-Abdaly and further strengthend his belief in violent Jihad.

It is confirmed al-Abdaly indeed visited the Luton Islamic Centre for worship and even tried to spread his extremist views in that community. However the Islamic Centre´s leadership allegedly spoke out against the Swedish radical and stopped him from preaching Jihad and takfir ideology.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh, the Islamic Centre´s chairman released a video message today in response to the alligations brought forward by the media that his community was responsible for the radicalization of Taimour al-Abdaly.“Taimour was a person that was confused by his understanding of the religion of Al-Islam“, Qadeer Baksh says and explains why his the Islamic Centre did not inform authorities about the radical student from Sweden.

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