German-National Arrested by US Forces in Afghanistan

by Florian Flade

Mid-December 2010, Haddid N., a German citizen of Afghan descent, traveled to Afghanistan to visit his father. On January 8, shortly after midnight, heavily armed U.S. forces entered his father´s house in Afghan capital Kabul and arrested Haddid on suspicion of terrorism.

The 23 year-old student of University Frankfurt is since then being held at U.S. Military Base Bagram and questioned by U.S. interrogators. German officials were not allowed to visit and talk to Haddid.
His family in Germany was informed about the arrest but did not receive any explanation by the Americans on why they arrested the German student.

While N.´s sister accuses German authorities of providing alleged information about Haddid N.´s plans to join terror groups and about his whereabouts to the Americans, Germany´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied this allegation. In July 2010 a investigation into N.´s alleged interest in traveling to Pakistan to train in Jihadi terror camps ended without any positive result. German police arrested N. in October 2009 at Frankfurt am Main Airport, they suspected he was on his way to the terror camps of Waziristan. N. said he wanted to visit his grandmother.

Last November N. and a friend traveled to Dubai. His sister called the police to ask if Haddid was allowed to leave the country. He was. Instead of traveling back to Germany Haddid N. took a flight to Afghanistan on December 17th. About two weeks later German police asked Haddid´s sister if she knew where her brother was staying. Suspicion is strong, police said, Haddid wants to fight Jihad. The sister says she gave the adress of Haddid´s father to the police. Only three days later, the arrest took place in Kabul.

From Internet writings and postings it is fair to suggest Haddid N. is a keen supporter of the German Salafi Dawah (missionary) movement DawaFFM“, led by Sheikh Abdellatif. But apart from this interest in Islamic missionary work no Jihadi propaganda or extremist material is associated with the known Internet profile of N..

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