US Soldiers Killed in Frankfurt Airport Shooting

by Florian Flade

Frankfurt Airport means safety, means home is close and family coming nearer for hundreds of US soldiers coming back from Afghanistan or Iraq who are transferred from the war zones back to the US Military Bases in Germany.

Today death followed US servicemen who had just returned from Afghanistan to the safety of Frankfurt Airport. A 21 year-old man from Kosovo opened fire inside a military bus at Germany´s largest airport, killing two US soldiers and wounding at least two more seriously.

Police have arrested the shooting suspect born and raised in Germany who came from a family of Muslims from the Kosovaren town of Mitrovica. His father was a Imam, the young shooting suspect himself was described as a pious Muslim.  Officials claim the incident is treated as a crime yet terrorism-related motives cannot be ruled out. Witnesses said the shooter was screaming „Allahu akbar!“ before he opened fire but those reports were not confirmed by the police.

According to my sources the Kosovo suspect had links to Islamists in Germany and tried to travel to Afghanistan-Pakistan region but failed. Unconfirmed is the information the man was part of the Frankfurt Salafi community which was faced with police raids last week because of possible terror recruitment.

Several people were investigated including prominent Moroccan preacher Sheikh Abdullatif and Frankfurt University student Haddid N. who had been arrested in Afghanistan by US forces back in January and was released after being held at Bagram Prison. He claimed he never intended to go to a Jihadi terror camp as German authorities suspected.

If today´s shooting indeed has a Jihadi-terrorism background it´s timing is likely connected to news reports of the killing of nine children in Afghan province of Kunar. US military command today confirmed the children were killed by US bombs and gunfire after a US outpost was attacked by insurgents recently. This terrible news might possibly be triggered revenge motivation by the shooter.


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