Frankfurt Shooter Driven By Hollywood Movie

by Florian Flade

Rape Scene from Movie „Redacted“

On March 1, Arid U. came home from work. Like on any other day, he went into his room, put on his computer and surfed the web. Arid U., a 21 year-old born in Kosovo, was member of a Facebook group spreading Islamic content. On the group´s website, U. told police later, he found a link to a Youtube video showing US soldiers raiding a Muslim family´s house, raping the daughter.

What Arid U. described was a shocking scene that remained in his head for hours. He was not able to get any sleep, U. told police, because of the terrible images. The Youtube video allegedly showed American soldiers entering a house of a Muslim family during nighttime, stealing the family´s belongings. Then the US-Soldiers raped a young woman or girl.

It was this video that caused Arid u. to seek revenge. He thought about what he could do to cause harm to the Americans. A few months earlier U. had bought a Belgium handgun and ammunition worth a 1,000 EUROs.
The next day, March 2, Arid U. drove to his work place, Frankfurt International Airport. In his bag he carried the gun and 24 bullets.

In the afternoon Arid U. spotted a US-Soldier dressed in his uniform leaving the terminal. U. followed him. The American went to a bus that was waiting in front of Terminal 2 to pick up US-Troops coming from the UK to take them Ramstein Airbase from where they were about to leave for Afghanistan.

While the arriving soldiers, all dressed in civilian clothing, entered the bus and took their seats, the American Arid U. had followed, was standing outside of the bus, smoking a cigarette. U. went up to him, asking him if he had a another cigarette. Small-talk began. The young Kosovarian wanted to know: „Are you off to Afghanistan?“ – „We are“, the soldier replied, throwing away his cigarette, stepping into the bus.

Arid U. followed him, took out his gun and shot the soldier in the back of his head twice. Then U. stepped into the bus, screaming „Allahu Akbar“ and shot several other Americans, killing one more soldier and injuring many more.

When his gun failed after his sixth or seventh shot, U. threw it to the ground and ran off into the terminal. He was chased by one of the Americans he tried to kill and was arrested by German police.

During police interrogation Arid U. claimed he was angry about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. While working at the Airport´s postal office he had heard US soldiers talking about what they will do in Iraq or Afghanistan. „Blow the shit out of them“, they allegedly said.

But it was the Youtube video that in the end drove him crazy. He couldn´t bear seeing that scene of the Muslim woman getting raped.

Indeed there is such a footage available online, it is a Youtube video containing a scene from a Hollywood movie called „Redacted“. The 2007 movie, based on the true story of a US Military unit who raped and killed a Iraqi family in Mahmoudiyah in 2005, was directed by Brian De Palma and was premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2007. It earned a „Silver Lion“ and „stunned the audience“.

Apparently Arid U. saw this Youtube clip showing the rape scene of „Redacted“ and thought it was real footage of an actual rape. Youtube deleted the video in the meantime. The User who uploaded it used a German title reading „Americans raping our sisters! Wake up Ummah!“.


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