„Miqdaad, the Afghan Blitz“ – German Jihadi Killed in Kunduz

by Florian Flade

The called him „The Afghan Lighting“ because it only took a few weeks from arriving in Waziristan to enter Afghanistan and fight Nato forces in the northern region of Kunduz – Abdullah H. from the West German city of Essen.

A new propaganda tape by the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU) celebrates the martyrdom of the German Jihadi militant who was known as „Miqdaad“ amongst the mujahidin fighters.

„Today my special greetings from Khorasan go out to the brothers and sisters in Essen“ – Yassin C., a well-known Jihadi from Bonn says in the new video – „Dear brothers and sisters in Essen, from your city, Allah has choosen a very diligent brother who stood amongst you during prayer only a short time ago. A brother who walked the streets of Essen and did not really attract attention.“

Abdullah from Essen arrived in Waziristan in November 2010, IMU says, and completed military training in January 2011. „A short time later, he traveled to Northern Afghanistan“, German terrorist Yassin C. tells – „On March 20 2011 he (Abdullah) died a martyr´s death in Baghlan, near Kunduz, fighting American soldiers.“

When Abdullah aka „Miqdad“ joined the IMU in the Pakistani tribal areas he told his trainers, he wants to fight in Afghanistan soon. „Please quickly sent me to Kunduz because I want to kill Germans so bad“, he allegedly said.

In the newly released propaganda tape Abdullah H. is seen masked surrounded by Jihadi comrades somewhere in Kunduz. „It´s me, your brother Miqdad“, the son of Afghan immigrants says, „I greet all my brothers and sisters around the world, especially in Germany. All praise is to Allah that I came here to the mujahidin in Afghanistan and Pakistan and was tasked with this special operation to fight the Germans and Nato here in Kunduz.“

German intelligence officials are at the moment trying to contact Abdullah H.´s family in Essen. The young man killed in Kunduz in March was born in Peshawar to parents who fled Afghanistan. In Germany he was not monitored by counter terrorism authorities. Abdullah H. did not appear on any list of possible terrorists. Amongst the Muslim community in Essen he was not known to be one of the extremists. His journey to the Pakistani terror camps happened without German authorities knowing about it.

Recently it became known that another German militant who joined IMU had carried out a suicide operation in Kunduz in 2010. „Farooq the German“ was featured in a German-language IMU tape released a few weeks ago. According to my information this 29-year old militant´s travel movements (came to Waziristan in early 2010) were also not tracked by German intelligence. „We did not know him before the video release“, one German intelligence official told me.

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