Jihad in Syria?

by Florian Flade

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A new video is circling through the Jihadi Online forums, allegedly showing Jihadi fighters attacking a Syrian military convoy. If confirmed, the footage is the first appearence of Salafi militants taking part in the current political unrest in Syria.

The video seems to be footage recorded with a mobile phone, obviously being of very low quality. No group or movement has been affiliated with the fighters featured in the short clip.

Up to now – with the exception of Yemen and to some extent Libya – al-Qaida and its affiliated groups have not been able to influence the Arab Spring or play any significant role in the uprising. Jihadi groups were celebrating the fall of the dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt but most experts agree on the fact that the revolutions themselves were a huge blow to the Jihadi ideology promoted by al-Qaida.

Whereever the Islamist movement can get a hold of weapons and are able to recruit fighters they will of course take part in the fight against the „taghoot“ (traitor) regimes, as they call them, of the Arab world.

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