The „Norwegian Timothy McVeigh“

by Florian Flade

Oslo Bomb suspect Anders B.

Why Oslo? – People were asking today after hearing what had happened in the Norwegian capital in the afternoon. One or more car bombs exploded in the government district of Oslo, destroying several buildings and setting the Oil Ministry on fire.At least seven people died when the bombs exploded. Prime Minister Stoltenberg escaped the attacks unharmed.

Only a short time later, on the Norwegian Island of Utöya, a gunman opened fire at a Youth camp of the ruling Labour Party of Norway – killing at least ten teenagers 15-16 years old. Norwegian Prime Minister planned to visit the Utöya camp today, he might have been the prime target.

The shooter was arrested by Special Forces Police and is now in police custody. According to Norwegian media reports the man was identified as a 32 year-old Norwegian national by the name of Anders B. of Oslo.

Mr.B. describes himself as a conservative Christian, interested in Classical Music, World of Warcraft, Hunting and politics.

From what is known to this moment, the Oslo Bombings do not seem to be the work of Jihadi terrorists but rather a single nationalist terrorist acting in protest against the ruling government. If confirmed this could turn out to be „Norway´s Timothy McVeigh“.

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