More Jordanian Al-Qaida Martyrs Appear on Forums

by Florian Flade

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A Online Jihadi named „Abu Mussab al-Hourani“ – most likely a Islamist with direct links to the Al-Qaida network in Waziristan – has currently posted three martyr biographies and pictures of Jordanian Al-Qaida fighters on the Internet forums.

Yesterday Al-Hourani presented a series of pictures showing a Jordanian militant „Abu Dharr al-Urduni“. Today this thread was followed by two others including one biography and pictures of another Jordanian named „Abu Zubair ash-Shami“ who died fighting in Waziristan and reportedly left behind two children.

Another post includes new images of former Online Jihadi „Abu Kandahar az-Zarqawi“ from Jordan who showed up on the battlefield of Afghanistan in 2010 and was killed there. Prior to his Jihad adventure „Abu Kandahar“ was a famous Online promoter of Jihad, vividly posting propaganda material and poetry on the forums. He then left his hometown in Jordan to actively take part in combat as an Al-Qaida fighter.

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