New Zawahiri-Video – „The Defeats of the Americans Continue“

by Florian Flade

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Al-Qaida´s new Emir, Dr.Ayman az-Zawahiri, appears in a new 12-minute video message released by the As-Sahab Media titled „The Defeats of the Americans Continue“.

In his speech, Zawahiri sitting in an armchair, talks about the various U.S. military campaigns and the Arab springs, summing it all up as America´s defeat throughout the Muslim world.

„The Mujahideen attacked America at home in the biggest attack since Pearl Harbor, then America was defeated in Iraq“, Zawahiri claims, „America was defeated in Tunisia and lost its agent, then it was defeated in Egypt.“

With regards to Libya, Zawahiri warns the Libyan opposition of NATO´s alleged plan to take over the country after Gaddafi was toppled – „People of Libya, you have achieved this victory with your blood, don´t let anyone take this victory from you!“

Libyans, Zawahiri says, should know that the only form of government acceptable to Allah is the Islamic State ruled according to the Shariah.


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