You´ve Got Awlaki-Mail – E-Mail From The Al-Qaida Cleric?

by Florian Flade

Several weeks have passed since a U.S. drone strike in Yemen killed one of the most prominent Jihadi figures out there – US-Yemeni Anwar al-Awlaki. As many of my blogger and journalist colleagues have lengthy written about the impact of Awlaki´s death on Jihadism or the Al-Qaida network itself, I don´t want to go into this topic again.

Instead I want to share an e-mail with the readers that I got back June. Via a vital contact I asked the editors of „Inspire“- magazine published by „Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula“ (AQAP) about the risks of „hijrah“ (migrating to an Islamic country) to Yemen and joining Al-Qaida.

The „Inspire“ staff responded to the e-mail…due to the perfect English I suggest this e-mail might indeed have been written either by Anwar al-Awlaki himself or by Samir Khan, a US-raised Jihadi militant who worked as the chief-editor of „Inspire“ until he was killed in the same drone strike that killed Awlaki.

Of course there is also the possibility another, unknown English-speaking Jihadi militant answered my e-mail question. As for know, there is no way to confirm this indeed was written by Awlaki or Khan.

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