In Memoriam – Christopher Boucek

Today those interested and working in the field of Islamic extremism and Jihadi terrorism mourn the death of a great expert and colleague – Christopher Boucek.

Carnegie Endowment of International Peace delivered the sad news that Christopher Boucek passed away November 2nd at the age of 38 leaving behind a wife and two children.

Christopher was one of the leading experts on Islamic extremism in the Arabian Peninsula and the Sahel region. His keen interest was on the developments in Yemen and the activities of the Al-Qaida network in the region.

I got the great opportunity to interview Christopher on the question of de-radicalization progammes in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia and on Al-Qaida´s role in the political events on the Arabian Peninsula.

My thoughts are with Christopher´s family and all his friends and colleagues now mourning the loss.

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