One Face Of Al-Qaida In Afghanistan

by Florian Flade

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Terrorist analysts and intelligence officials worldwide are throwing around guesses of many Al-Qaida fighters are actually present or rather said left in Afghanistan right now. The CIA estimate in recent years was that the number is approximately a few dozen to a hundred individuals. NATO thinks Al-Qaida´s presence in Afghanistan is deteriorating but the terrorist group is actively operating in some parts of the country, especially in the valleys of the eastern provinces Kunar, Paktika, Paktia and Nuristan.

Martyr eulogies that are appearing on the Jihadi Internet forums are a slight hint of how Al-Qaida´s face actually looks in Afghanistan today. Almost every month pictures and short biographies of recently killed Al-Qaida fighters are released by family members, friends or online comrades of the Jihadis.

Most recent is a 20 year-old Omani national named Ahmed Ali Yusuf aka „Abu Ubaidah al-Omani“. Yusuf, born in 1992 in the Barka Province of Oman studied at the Technical College before he left for Afghanistan in 2011 and became an Al-Qaida fighters.

„When he arrived in the land of Khorasan (Afghanistan/Pakistan) he was eager to fight on Allah´s path and joined the training camps where he received training“, a Lebanese Online Jihadi writes about the Omani militant.

According to the reports from region Abu Ubaidah al-Omani participated in fighting coalition forces in Afghanistan and was killed in the morning hours of January 8 probably by a NATO airstrike. He had fought in Afghanistan for six months. Pictures of the Omani Al-Qaida fighter including images showing the young in training camps and his dead body were released on the Jihadi forums.

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