The Day Rami met Yassin

by Florian Flade

Yassin al-Suri is one of the World´s most wanted men. He is Al-Qaida´s main money man and responsible for sending financial donations from the Gulf region to Pakistan. German Jihadist Rami M., now imprisoned, met the mysterious Al-Qaida figure in Waziristan.


Rami M. was not by any means what one would call „top terrorist“. As a teenager he was cruising around Frankfurt city on his motorbike, partying and having a keen interest in drugs. At one point in his life the son of a Syrian car dealer began to question life and his spirituality started to grow at rapid speed. He became a devout Muslim, strictly following the rules of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Within two years Rami M. became a person of interest for Western intelligence agencies – a Jihadist terrorists who came in touch with some of the world´s most wanted men.

In the remote mountains of the Pakistani tribal region of Waziristan Rami M. from Germany known as „Abu Bashir“ met with the mysterious Al-Qaida operative „Sheikh Younis al-Mauretani“. The North African introduced himself as „Al-Qaida´s Foreign Minister“ and told M. about a plan he had in mind: terror attacks in Europe.

Al-Mauretani who has been arrested in September 2011 by Pakistani security forces, was not the only Al-Qaida commander Rami M. met during his time in Pakistan. He also came in contact with a terrorist named Izzaddin Abdel Aziz Khalil known as „Yassin al-Suri“.

Al-Suri has not surfaced in any Al-Qaida propaganda footage yet. And he has never been mentioned by the known Al-Qaida figures in any of their speeches. Basically he was unknown to the wider audience until the United States put him on the FBI´s list of most wanted terrorists and put a 10 million Dollar bounty on al-Suri´s head. According to the CIA Yassin al-Suri, born in Al-Qamishli in Syria, is holding a key position within Al-Qaida´s structure – he is the group´s chief of finances.

„Al-Suri facilitates the movement of recruits for al-Qaida from the Gulf to Pakistan and Afghanistan via Iran“, the Federal Police claims on their website, „He is also an important fundraiser for al-Qaida and has collected money from donors and fundraisers throughout the Gulf. Al-Suri funnels significant funds via Iran to al-Qaida’s leadership in Afghanistan and Iraq.“

Although he was neither a recruit coming from the Gulf nor a donor to al-Qaida, German Rami M. was contacted by Yassin al-Suri. After the Frankfurt Jihadist was arrested in Pakistan in July 2010 he was questioned by both ISI and German intelligence numerous times. In these interrogations he spoke about the meetings with several Al-Qaida operatives including Al-Suri.

Rami M. allegedly met Yassin al-Suri in February 2010 in Waziristan. The Syrian asked the German Jihadist if he wanted to join him and return to Iran. M. rejected. Al-Suri was traveling in and out of Iran at that time according to Western intelligence sources. He was stationed in the city of Zahedan while in Iran and allegedly traveled with the knowledge of Iran´s security forces. While Yassin al-Suri met Rami M. only for a brief time, it is believed he the Al-Qaida faciliator has been in Waziristan for some time in 2010.

In the meantime Western intelligence agencies are not so sure about what happened to Yassin al-Suri. There are indications he was killed in a US drone strike sometime in Mid-2011. Other sources from the region are insisting the Syrian is still alive and hiding in Waziristan or Southern Pakistan.

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