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Der Amok-Soldat

von Florian Flade

Im afghanischen Kandahar lief vor einer Woche ein US-Soldat Amok. In einem wahren Blutrausch erschoss der Amerikaner 16 afghanische Zivilisten, darunter neun Kinder. Wer ist der US-Soldat, der in Afghanistan zum Mörder wurde?



The Horrors Of War

„I want the American people to know that the US troops are oppressing our youths and elders before their kids and wives. If there is any conscience left in the West, it should be awakened“ – Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Wednesday.

What he was referring to, is a story coming from Afghanistan, a story about unit of US soldiers stationed in Kandahar Province who formed a „Kill Team“, hunting down Afghan civilians, killing innocent people for fun, cutting of their fingers as trophies and posing with dead bodies, smiling for pictures.

All this took place last year and was made public because some of those American servicemen involved were speaking, telling their families back home what their comrades had done to the Afghan people.

Last week, German newspaper DER SPIEGEL published the story of the Bravo Company´s 5th Stryker Brigade, telling the background of the soldiers who went to war and turned into murderers. The magazine said in a worldwide investigation they had obtained 4,000 pictures and video files the US military had confiscated and kept under wraps since then. The criminal investigation in the USA had already started – but the private images taken by the soldiers were never shown to the public because the Pentagon claimed they could cause violent protest and possibly even terrorist attacks because of the nature of those graphic pictures.

US-Magazine „The Rolling Stone“ now presents a detailed account of the killings of Bravo Company, publishing even more pictures and videos showing the killing of Afghan civilians and Taliban fighters by the American soldiers. It is an extraordinary piece journalistic work, a story of a crime that – in the long-term – will have the same impact on the US-led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere as the Abu Ghraib torture images.

Read „The Kill Team“ here