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Video Shows Killing Of Ahmadis in Indonesia

by Florian Flade

Fundamentalist Islam established different categories of disbelievers or infidels. There are the kuffar, meaning those not believing in the religion of Islam, these could be either Christians, Jews, Hindus or any other religious community that does not accept Quran and Sunnah as the main sources of God-given guidance. Then there are those declared „infidels“ by certain Islamic sects within the Muslim faith through the process of takfir – the excommunication of fellow Muslims. Radicals like those following the teachings of Salafi or Wahhabi ideologues do consider most other sects as unbelievers, rejecting in their view the „true Islam“. Among those declared Non-Muslims are Shiites (rafidah) of various sects, Sufis, Alevites and the Ahmadiyah Community.

Especially the Ahmadis – a sect which does not believe Muhammad was the last prophet but their own religious funding father – are a threatened minority in regions were radical Sunni Islamists are powerful enough to inflect harm on them. They are under attack in Pakistan, Afghanistan, in Saudi-Arabia, Somalia – and Indonesia.

On Sunday a mob of Salafi extremists attacked the village of Cikeusik in Indonesia. The hundreds of young men, many of them teenagers, rushed to a house owned by the local Ahmadiyah leader named Parman. The attackers encircled the house and threatened to kill those inside. Instead the villagers told the 21 Ahmadis in the building to come out of the house, strip naked and watch their home being burned to the ground. Then the Islamists began beaten the men with wooden sticks, stones and hoes.

Screaming „Infidel!“ the mob killed three men lying on the ground. A video of the graphic and brutal event was released today, showing the shocking anger and hatred towards the Ahmadis. Even more scary than the fact that a Muslim minority (500,000 in Indonesia) is apparently under deadly attack by another Indonesian minority, hardline Salafi extremists, is the role of the police in the latest public lynching. A single police officer is seen at the place were the killing took place. He was it seems, unable or unwilling to stop the crowd of around 1,000 villagers beating the men to death.

The amateur video spread rapidly in Indonesia, eventhough the state-owned news agency reported the Ahmadis were the ones attacking the villagers which then acted in self-defense. Indonesia´s President called for an investigation into the incident. Eight people, police said on Monday, were arrested in the case, but none of those arrested have been charged yet.