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A Toddler-Mujahed? – No Legal Age For Jihad

by Florian Flade

Some leave their parents, their wife and their children to go on Jihad in Afghanistan, Waziristan, Iraq, Chechnya, Somalia or Yemen. Others take their whole family to the training camps of militant Jihadi groups in the middle of the war zones exposing women and children to US drone attacks and Pakistani military raids. This video I came across lately is only one example of a family life in the deadly reality of Waziristan where numerous foreign militants including Islamists from Europe have settled to, often taking newborn babies or their pregnant wives from the comfort of their West European home to the harsh and primitive reality of living in a mudwall hut in the mountains of Northwest Pakistan.

The propaganda tape was produced by the a militant group that ones called itself „Islamic Jihad Union“ (IJU) and is now split into different groups whose connections and networks are not entirely known. In this soundless footage a young boy handles a mortar and mortar rounds while his Turkish daddy is watching him, holding a probably just weeks-old toddler.