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„I Kill Kafirs“ – Canadian Jihadist Killed In Dagestan

William Plotnikov came to Canada as a 15 year old son of a Russian immigrant from Siberia. He was a ambitious boxer, winning several fights in his teenage years. By 2008 Plotnikov became a Canadian citizen. The following year his interest in religion started to grow. William converted to Islam.

Within one year he had left Canada and went back to Russia. In the Dagestan region of the Caucasus he joined Islamist rebels and became a Mujahid. He fought against Russian troops. In July William Plotnikov was killed by Russian special forces during a gun-battle in Dagestan. He was 23 years old.

Read the story of a Canadian convert to Islam who fought and died fighting in the Caucasian Jihad. National Post´s Stewart Bell wrote this great article.

The Canadian who converted to jihad: Boxer turned militant killed in Dagestan