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British Jihadi Killed By U.S. Drone In Somalia

by Florian Flade

They are Al-Qaida´s hidden force, joining Al-Shabaab, fighting and training in a country that has suffered from civil war, occupation and drought for decades – foreign Jihadi militants in Somalia.

Hundreds of foreign fighters are actively training and fighting in Somalia, Western intelligence agencies and Somali government officials are estimating. Most of these so-called „Al-Mujahiroun“ are suspected to be from other African countries like Sudan, Kenya, Chad or Eritrea followed by the Arab fighters, some of which are Pakistan/Afghanistan-trained and experienced.

The real concern for Western intelligence services are the Jihadis holding Western passports. The threat these Islamists from Europe and North America are posing has long been underestimated according to various European counter-terrorism officials. Dozens of young men from the Somali communities of Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and the United States have joined Al-Shabaab in recent years, turning the group into an international terrorist organization.

Nevertheless Al-Qaida has successfully established its own branch in Somalia, regularly cooperating with Al-Shabaab. One of these Al-Qaida members in Somalia was killed today by what local sources believe to be a U.S. drone strike on a car.

„At around 2 p.m., a U.S. drone targeted our Mujahidin. One foreigner, a Lebanese with a British passport died“, the chief spokesman for Al-Shabaab, Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, told news agency Reuters, „Bilal Al-Barqawi, a great Mujahid brother who was in Somalia for a long time was killed today. He was in a car in Elasha. This foreigner is a martyr.“

The British-Lebanese is Bilal Al-Barqawi known as „Abu Hafsa“, a Islamist who grew up in West-London and came to Somalia in 2006 and served as the deputy to Fazul Abdallah, Al-Qaida´s most senior commander in Somalia killed in June 2011 by Somali troops in a Mogadishu shoot-out.

When a U.S. airstrike targeted Lower Jubba region in Southern Somalia in July 2011 Bilal Al-Barqawi was injured on his head and later received treatment in Kenya according to Al-Shabaab.

British intelligence officials have warned about the emerging threat of Western Jihadi militants trained as terrorists in Somalia – especially those holding Western passports. Numerous of these foreigners have died in Somalia, most of them during gun-battles, others became suicide bombers. If the news of Bilal Al-Barqawi is confirmed, this shows: a Western Jihadi was for some years Al-Qaida´s No.2 man in the country.

Mordanschlag auf Ägypten´s Vize-Präsidenten

by Florian Flade

Wochenlang war es ein Gerücht. Nun bestätigt erstmals ein ägyptischer Politiker: Es gab Ende Januar einen Mordanschlag auf den Vize-Präsidenten Omar Suleiman.

Ägyptens Außenminister Ahmed Abul Gheit bestätigte erstmals in einem Interview das Gerücht, wonach es Ende Januar, während der Proteste gegen das Mubarak-Regime, einen Mordanschlag auf den Vize-Präsidenten Omar Suleiman gab. Er selbst, so Gheit, sei Zeuge des Attentats gewesen.

Der ägyptische Außenminister sagte in einem Interview mit dem TV-Sender Al-Hayat, Omar Suleiman sei im Manshayet El-Bakri Viertel des Kairoer Stadtteil Heliopolis in einem Konvoi unterwegs gewesen, als Unbekannte aus einem gestohlenen Krankenwagen heraus das Feuer auf Suleimans Fahrzeug eröffneten. Ein Leibwächter sei dabei getötet worden, ein weiterer sowie der Fahrer des Autos seien durch Schüsse verletzt worden. Das Fahrzeug des Vize-Präsidenten sei nach dem Angriff von Kugeln durchsiebt gewesen, so Außenminister Abul Gheit. Omar Suleiman überlebte den Mordanschlag unverletzt

Der amerikanische Fernsehsender Fox News hatte am 04.Februar gemeldet ein versuchter Mordanschlag auf den ägyptischen Vize-Präsidenten Omar Suleiman habe zwei Leibwächter getötet. Ein Sprecher des Weißen Hauses wollte damals auf Nachfrage von Fox News nicht auf das Gerücht eingehen. „Ich werde darauf nicht eingehen“, so Pressesprecher Robert Gibbs.

Ägyptens Regierung dementierte Berichte, wonach es einen Mordanschlag auf den neu ernannten Vize-Präsidenten Suleiman gegeben habe.

Omar Suleiman, der ehemalige Direkter des ägyptischen Geheimdienstes, war am 29.Januar vom scheidenden Präsidenten Husni Mubarak zum Vize-Präsidenten einer Übergangsregierung ernannt worden.

Videos – Egyptian Police Cars Driving Over Protesters

by Florian Flade

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„The Police – your friend and helper“ – is a common phrase used in Germany to describe police forces. In Egypt, the state security forces have turned against the people in recent days, becoming the weapon of choice for a dying regime to fight the country-wide protests.

Two disturbing videos were recorded recently in Egypt´s capital Cairo, showing the unbelievable brutality of Egyptian security forces. The footage which was released on the Internet by the amateurs who recorded it, shows police cars driving over unarmed civilians protesting in the streets.

One video was apparently recorded at nighttime and shows a white van driving at high speed into a crowd of protesters. Numerous people were hit by the car before the police vehicle drove off.

The other video which was sent to CNN today, shows a similar incident. A dark transporter van is driving into a group of civilians near a Cairo bridge, intentionally driving over at least two people.

As most independent reports coming out of Egypt claimed, the videos confirmed the brutality and ruthlessness of the Egyptian security forces. Policemen are in large parts acting as Mubarak´s tool to crush or at least intimidate those taking to the streets demanding a regime change. Similar footage was released in 2009 when Iranian state police and military fought Iranians demonstrating against the fake election outcome. Thanks to the Internet and the uploading services thousands are now able to witness a desperate dictatorship fighting for survival by fighting its own people.