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Denmark-Bomber is Chechen Boxer from Belgium

by Florian Flade

After releasing actual images of the mysterious bomb suspect arrested in Copenhagen last Friday, Danish police got the information that a French sports trainer in Belgium has identified the man as one of his former students. Perhaps the bomb case is now partially solved if the identity of the suspect is now confirmed to be true.

The sports trainer told a Belgian newspaper the bomb suspect is 24year-old Lors D. from Chechnya who had trained in his boxing club („Cocktail Club“) in the city of Liege for about five years. He thought his student is now going to study Architecture in Brussels.
Instead his girlfriends tells the one-legged Chechen left for Luxembourg about two weeks ago. Prior to that travel there was alot of flying between Belgium and Chechnya, the girlfriend said.

Back in Belgium Lors D., born January 1986, came to Belgium with his mother, a doctor, about five years ago and was regarded as a „quality boxer“. Of his last twenty fights he had won twelve with two ending up as a draw. See his record below.

Meanwhile Danish Police has announced an upcoming press conference on the Copenhagen bomb case with new information to reveal.

The information brought forward by the Belgian boxing trainer is very likely to be accurate given the outer appearance of the bomb suspect who indeed could by a White originally from the Caucasus. His noise seems to have been broken several times, a typical sign of a boxing career.

Denmark as well as Belgium have two of the largest populations of Chechen refugees in Europe. In Belgium there are close to 10.000 Chechens living in exile, most of them fled First and Second Chechnya Wars in early 1990s and 2000. A certain percentage of those have been given political asylum and some even obtained citizenship.

UPDATE II on Denmark Bomb Case

Danish Police released first pictures today of the bomb suspect who was injured by his own explosives while building a bomb in a hotel in Danish capital Copenhagen on September 10th.

Currently there is a press conference going on, in which new information will be revealed by Danish security officials.

Still the identity of the man is not known. He carried Belgian and Luxembourg ID documents that where either faked or had been stolen seven years ago. The man never used any cell phone or credit card while in Denmark and was successful in leaving no traces, police says.

The bomb suspect acted alone, investigators believe, and is now trying to hide his identity and motives by not talking to the police. In hospital it became clear the person speaks English, French and German and is assumed to be from Western or Central Europe.

If he was about to carry out a terrorist attack is not known so far. Not even the target of his bomb attack has been identified. Investigators as well as the former head of Danish intelligence PET said the case looks like a spy story involving an agent who is now not telling about his failed mission.

UPDATE on Denmark Bomb Case

Danish police today denied rumours spread by Danish media yesterday that investigators had found maps and information inside the bag of the terror suspect that indicated the man wanted to blow up Aarhus building of Danish newspaper „Jyllands Posten“.

First information about investigation was released today. Police is still trying to find out the who the man is who brought explosives inside Copenhagen´s Jorgensen Hotel on Friday. He is said to have three national identities including Belgian. Police says the terror suspect speaks perfekt English, French and German with French accent.

On Friday the man bought a bus ticket to Belgium while staying in Denmark. Maybe he was trying to flee the country after the planned bomb attack. Footage of the hotel´s survaillance cameras was released by Danish police today. It shows the suspect going into the hotel´s restrooms in the basement and leaving it 38 minutes later as he runs out of the hotel.

Police say the man checked into Jorgensen Hotel on September 7th, traveled around Copenhagen and also shaved his beard he had when he arrived in the Danish capital. On Friday he signed out of the hotel leaving all his luggage in his room.

Meanwhile investigators are not sticking to the theory the man wanted to carry out a suicide bombing. Rather it is suggested he tried to build a bombing device.