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German National Haddid N. Released From Bagram

by Florian Flade

Zainulabuddin „Haddid“ N., the 23year-old Frankfurt University student arrested by U.S. forces in Afghan capital Kabul earlier this month, has been released from Bagram military detention center.

An e-mail I got from Haddid´s sister, a Frankfurt-based lawyer, says Haddid N. was released by the U.S. military and handed over to the German embassy in Kabul today. „He is in the German embassy in Kabul and he is well“, Haddid´s sister writes, „We were able to speak to him on phone several times.“ The e-mail also includes a Thank-You statement to the University of Frankfurt, where Haddid studies engineering, and to the fellow students who rallied for his release.

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said, he is grateful for the U.S. decision to release the German citizen and that German officials are now offering Haddid N. a safe and quick return to Germany. „I´m very relieved about the solution of this case“, Westerwelle said, „I say thank you to the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for her commitment and dedication.“

Last November Haddid N. and a close friend had traveled to Dubai to visit Haddid´s brother living in the Emirate. Instead of returning to Germany Haddid was invited by his father who lives and works in Kabul, to come to Afghanistan for a visit. Haddid´s friend took a flight back to Frankfurt and was searched by German police who found Haddid N.´s ID-card. Haddid had given the document to his friend because the ID-card had expired.

German officials suspected Haddid might be on his way to a Afghan or Pakistani terror camp and left his German ID behind on purpose. On December 17th, Haddid flew from Dubai to Kabul and stayed in his father´s house in the city. In Frankfurt, police visited Haddid´s sister on January 5 and asked her if she knew where her brother was staying and what his intention in traveling to Afghanistan was. The sister told the police Haddid´s father was a Kabul businessman and he probably made the trip to visit him. She gave the Kabul adress to German police.

Only three days later, January 8, U.S. soldiers stormed the house of Haddid´s father and arrested the 23year-old Frankfurt resident on suspicion of terrorism. Haddid N. was then taken to Parwan detention center at Bagram U.S. Military Base and questioned by American interrogators.

Haddid´s sister believes her brother was arrested only after German officials sent information about the Kabul address to U.S. authorities. Now it seems the whole incident was the result of a miscalculation and misinterpretation of German counter-terrorism officials. N. is most likely the innocent victim of German law enforcement. German counter-terrorism and police had investigated Haddid N. since 2009. He was rated a possibly Jihadi terror recruit, willing to attend training camps in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Police checked Haddid when he traveled to Dubai in September 2009 and took his passport to keep him away from leaving the country. After he went to court, Haddid N. got the passport back. According to German officials, the Frankfurt student showed all signs of possibly leaving Germany for Jihad. Haddid had cut his hair very short and allegedly even sold some of his belongings. In July 2010 all investigation ended. The only thing German counter-terrorism found out about Haddid N. was that he was a faithful Muslim – no terrorism charges could be brought forward.

German-National Arrested by US Forces in Afghanistan

by Florian Flade

Mid-December 2010, Haddid N., a German citizen of Afghan descent, traveled to Afghanistan to visit his father. On January 8, shortly after midnight, heavily armed U.S. forces entered his father´s house in Afghan capital Kabul and arrested Haddid on suspicion of terrorism.

The 23 year-old student of University Frankfurt is since then being held at U.S. Military Base Bagram and questioned by U.S. interrogators. German officials were not allowed to visit and talk to Haddid.
His family in Germany was informed about the arrest but did not receive any explanation by the Americans on why they arrested the German student.

While N.´s sister accuses German authorities of providing alleged information about Haddid N.´s plans to join terror groups and about his whereabouts to the Americans, Germany´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied this allegation. In July 2010 a investigation into N.´s alleged interest in traveling to Pakistan to train in Jihadi terror camps ended without any positive result. German police arrested N. in October 2009 at Frankfurt am Main Airport, they suspected he was on his way to the terror camps of Waziristan. N. said he wanted to visit his grandmother.

Last November N. and a friend traveled to Dubai. His sister called the police to ask if Haddid was allowed to leave the country. He was. Instead of traveling back to Germany Haddid N. took a flight to Afghanistan on December 17th. About two weeks later German police asked Haddid´s sister if she knew where her brother was staying. Suspicion is strong, police said, Haddid wants to fight Jihad. The sister says she gave the adress of Haddid´s father to the police. Only three days later, the arrest took place in Kabul.

From Internet writings and postings it is fair to suggest Haddid N. is a keen supporter of the German Salafi Dawah (missionary) movement DawaFFM“, led by Sheikh Abdellatif. But apart from this interest in Islamic missionary work no Jihadi propaganda or extremist material is associated with the known Internet profile of N..

The Day Mahmoud al-Mabhuh Died

On January 20th 2010, hotel staff entered room 230 of the Bustan Hotel in Dubai.  On the bed lying they found the body of the room´s guest – Mahmoud al-Mabhuh. He was been dead for almost one day when staff found his body. What first seemed like natural causes of death were later discovered to be the result of a assassination by the world´s most feared intelligence agency – the Israeli Mossad.

In GQ Magazine, Israeli journalist and Mossad-insider Ronan Bergman, wrote a detailed minute-by-minute report of what happened in Dubai from 18-20th of January 2010. 27 Israeli agents arrived in the Emirate, waiting for their target person codename „Plasma Screen“ to arrive. Mahmoud al-Mabhuh traveled to the world in search for new donators and weapon´s traders for the Hamas cause. In 1989 he and a comrade had kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers. Since then the sword of revenge was hovering above his head. Mossad had been given the order to hunt al-Mabhuh down and kill him.

Although successful the Mossad-Operation in the Dubai luxury hotel was blown by the Dubai police who released the fake passport identities and footage of the survaillance cameras showing the movement of the Mossad hit team. Except for one agent who was arrested in summer 2010 in Poland and extradited to Germany, charged with passport-faking and then released to Israeli after paying a 60,000 EURO fine.

Read the remarkable story „The Dubai Job“ by Mr.Bergman here.