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Toulouse Gunman Sent Videos of Killings To Al-Jazeera

by Florian Flade

He said he uploaded videos onto the Internet for the public to see his killings. He said he recorded the brutal acts of killing three French soldiers, three Jewish children and a teacher. After a French special police force killed the Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah after a 33-hour stand-off in his apartment, the police found the killer´s camera on the videos he was talking about.

What they did not know was that Merah apparently had already started to spread the footage. Today the Paris bureau of TV-Channel Al-Jazeera has received a letter containing a USB stick. On the memory device Al-Jazeera staff discovered video of shocking content.

The footage was that of Mohamed Merah, the video sequence that he recorded when he shot and killed his victims. Unconfirmed reports say the material contains a montage of videos accompanied by various Islamic songs and reading from the Quran.

French police was informed by Al-Jazeera about the letter. The investigators confirmed the authenticity of the video footage. Apparently the letter and the gruesome video was sent from a village in Southern France on Thursday or early Wednesday as it was bearing a post stamp of March 21.

On that day the siege of the Toulouse aparment of Merah was ongoing (it started in the night from Thursday to Wednesday). This is why French police believes it was Mohamed Merah or his brother Abdelkader who sent the material to Al-Jazeera.

Still unclear is wether or not Mohamed Merah was able to upload the footage onto Youtube or any other website. Till today no video has surfaced which of course does not mean it may not be in the hands of Jihadi activists in Europe or outside.

Meanwhile French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a radio interview Mohamed Merah has probably never trained in a Al-Qaida camp in Pakistan or Afghanistan. He also had no known links to terrorist organizations, Sarkozy said. Merah appears to be a self-radicalized Muslim who apparently traveled alot.

Before Merah traveled to Tajikistan and then crossed into Afghanistan in November 2010 he had made a journey to Jordan and entered Israel. During questioning by the Israeli „Shin Bet“ intelligence agency Merah said he was on a holiday trip – and was allowed to continue his traveling. In his passport police found stamps proving Merah´s travel activities  – Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

Boko Haram Leader Vows More Attacks On Christians

by Florian Flade

Imam Abu Bakr Shekau – Boko Haram leader vows more attacks on Nigerian Christians

In 2009 international media for the first time reported about a ominous Islamist group operating in Nigeria – Boko Haram. The group whose name is translated from the Northern Nigerian Hausa language into „Western Eduction is forbidden“ carried out a series of attacks, killing dozens of policemen in Christian-dominated regions of Nigeria´s north.

As a result Nigerian security forces took revenge on the Islamists of Boko Haram killing hundreds of the group´s members in and around the city of Maiduguri. Boko Harams leader and founder, Mohammed Yusuf, was captured by security forces. Yusuf had created the Islamist movement in 2002 starting with a network of mosques and Islamic schools to spread Salafi Islam in Nigeria.

Nigerian security forces claimed Mohammed Yusuf was killed during his arrest. Video footage which emerged several days after the raid on Boko Haram showed Mohammed Yusuf alive in custody being interrogated. He was shot dead by Nigerian soldiers and policemen, his body was also seen in videos released later.

While Nigeria´s government declared Boko Haram to be finished the movement re-grouped and emerged even more dangerous than previously. Hundreds of Boko Haram members were freed from prison by a large group of Islamists in 2011. Since then dozens of attacks – including suicide bombings – have been carried out by Boko Haram against Christians, Nigerian police and military targets.

U.S. intelligence officials are warning of a emerging threat posed to Western interests by Boko Haram. The group has been labeled a terrorist group which might seek to establish close ties with Al-Qaida and its African branches in the Maghreb and in Somalia.

In fact there are unconfirmed reports of Boko Haram members being trained as terrorists in Somalia by the Islamist organization Al-Shabaab. Other reports claim foreign terrorists are establishing training camps in Nigeria, importing bomb-building know-how and ideology to the Nigerian Muslim communities.

A few days ago a video message by a Boko Haram leader to the Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was posted on Youtube. The man seen in the video was thought to be dead, killed in the 2009-crackdown on Boko Haram – the group´s spiritual leader Imam Abu Bakr Shekau.

„All these things you have been seeing happening, it is Allah who has been doing it because you refuse to believe in him and you misuse his religion, Jonathan“, the Islamist leader says vowing the Boko Haram would never be defeated by Nigeria´s security forces.

„Christians, everyone knows what they have done to us and the Muslims (…)“, Shekau further stated, „We decided to attack them and defend us, because we are on the right path (…) Everyone knows how our leader (Muhammad Yusuf) was killed and everyone knows how Muslims were killed.“

Abu Bakr Shekau promises more attacks on Christians in Nigeria, highlighting why the situation in Nigeria has come to this point in his opinion: „The disaster is caused by disbelief, discomfort is disbelief, injustice is disbelief, democracy and the Constitution is disbelief.“

Old Footage of Egyptian-Canadian Ahmed Khadr in Waziristan

by Florian Flade

Egyptian-Canadian Ahmed Khadr aka „Abu Abdurrahman al-Kanadi“ (upper right corner) and IMU´s late Amir Taher Yuldashev (left)

In a new German-language propaganda video by the „Islamic Movement Uzbekistan“ (IMU) very rare footage is shown of a Canadian Jihadist who was killed in Pakistan in 2003.

Ahmed Khadr aka „Abu Abdurrahman al-Kanadi“ was a 55 year-old Egyptian-Canadian who had lived in Toronto and studied at University of Ottawa before working as an aid worker for a relief organization in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 1980s. (read more here)

Khadr moved back to Pakistan in 1993 with his family and later lived close to the Bin Laden family in Afghanistan where his sons also trained in the Al-Qaida terrorist camps. One of his sons, Omar Khadr, is still imprisoned in Guantánamo Bay (Cuba) and is a victim of torture during severe interrogation. (read more here)

As the new IMU-propaganda video explains, Ahmed Khadr was killed on October 3 2003 in the Pakistani tribal areas of Waziristan alongside Abu Mohammed al-Turkestani, the leader of a Chinese Jihadist group, when Pakistani troops raided a village in South Waziristan. Footage recorded prior to his death does show him sitting next to IMU´s late leader Taher Yuldashev.

Khadr´s death, the IMU claims, was the trigger to start Jihad against the Pakistani government. The killing of Khadr and al-Turkestani led the IMU leadership to decide to wage Jihad not only in Afghanistan but declare the Pakistani military an even more important enemy.

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