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Jordanian Al-Qaida Fighter Killed in Afghanistan

by Florian Flade

„The hero of Khorasan Zaid Saleh al-Hourani, known to everyone as Abu Musab al-Hourani“, the beginning of a short biography of a Jordanian Jihadist fighter killed in Afghanistan reads. The article about Al-Hourani was posted on Jihadist Internet forums recently and gives a rare insight into the situation of foreign fighters in Afghanistan these days.

„Abu Musab al-Hourani“, a resident of Amman, from a Jericho family, allegedly was a close aid to former Iraqi Al-Qaida leader Abu Musab az-Zarqawi and recruited about 30 other Jordanians to Jihad in Iraq. In Jordan al-Hourani was imprisoned for 5 years because of his terrorist activities.

In 2010 he traveled to Pakistan and joined the mujaheddin in the tribal areas. Pictures released with his biography are showing Abu Musab al-Hourani in the Pakistani tribal agency of Orakzai. „He took part in operations targeting the Pakistani military“, the biography reads. Al-Hourani was wounded during the fighting in Pakistan, both in battle with Pakistani troops (on his leg) and in CIA drone strikes (again his leg) but recovered from the injuries.

After two years as part of the Al-Qaida forces in Pakistan Abu Musab al-Hourani decided to wage Jihad in Afghanistan. In July 2012 he was killed during a US military raid in the province of Ghazni.

More Jordanian Al-Qaida Martyrs Appear on Forums

by Florian Flade

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A Online Jihadi named „Abu Mussab al-Hourani“ – most likely a Islamist with direct links to the Al-Qaida network in Waziristan – has currently posted three martyr biographies and pictures of Jordanian Al-Qaida fighters on the Internet forums.

Yesterday Al-Hourani presented a series of pictures showing a Jordanian militant „Abu Dharr al-Urduni“. Today this thread was followed by two others including one biography and pictures of another Jordanian named „Abu Zubair ash-Shami“ who died fighting in Waziristan and reportedly left behind two children.

Another post includes new images of former Online Jihadi „Abu Kandahar az-Zarqawi“ from Jordan who showed up on the battlefield of Afghanistan in 2010 and was killed there. Prior to his Jihad adventure „Abu Kandahar“ was a famous Online promoter of Jihad, vividly posting propaganda material and poetry on the forums. He then left his hometown in Jordan to actively take part in combat as an Al-Qaida fighter.

Online-Jihadis celebrate death of Jordanian Al-Qaida Fighter

by Florian Flade

Abu Dharr – Jordanian Al-Qaida Jihadi killed in Afghanistan

Al-Qaida supporters on one of the largest Jihadi internet forum have posted the story of a Jordanian Jihadi fighter who reportedly was killed recently in Afghanistan. The militant named „Abu Dharr al-Urduni“ labeled as a martyr, is said to have appeared in a propaganda video produced by Al-Qaida´s As-Sahab Media. „Abu Dharr is seen sitting next to Commander Abu Laith al-Libi“, the threat on the Jihadi forum reads.