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Who is Abu Zarr al-Burmi?

by Florian Flade

Abu Zarr al-Burmi has been around for a while now even though there has not been an official introduction to the audience – the spiritual leader of the Waziristan-bases terrorist group „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU).

The middle-aged cleric wearing glasses and spotting shoulder-long hair, is featured in several IMU video and audio tapes including the last two video releases in Urdu and Burmese language a short while ago.

In Pakistan the voice of Abu Zarr al-Burmi is a known one to those familiar with a Urdu-language recording featuring a debate by the Jihadi cleric and a Pakistani military official. The IMU mufti declares himself to be part of the Tehrik e-Taliban (TTP) and a representative of the Uzbek and Tajik Muhajiroun (foreign militants) stationed in the tribal areas of Waziristan.

Though unconfirmed Abu Zarr al-Burmi claims to have worked as a teacher at the „Al-Farooq Islamic University“ in Karachi. One of his students was Qari Hussain, the infamous Pakistani Taliban trainer of teenage suicide bombers. „Qari Hussain Ahmad Mahmoud was one of my students“, al-Burmi says. When the Pakistani military started to raid and bomb places in Waziristan in 2004 both Qari Hussain and Abu Zarr left Karachi to join the Mujahidin in the tribal region.“He gave up learning and I gave up teaching“, al-Burmi remembers that time.

Apparently both men joined the Tehrik e-Taliban in the first place. Al-Burmi, a Pakistani national of Burmese ancestry, later became the chief Shariah judge and Mufti of the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU).

Today the Jihadi cleric seems to be actively preaching in the Waziristan mosques, calling locals to join the Mujahidin in their fight against the Pakistani government. Jihad against the Pakistani states, its military and politicians is a „individual duty“, Abu Zarr says in his sermons, also calling Pakistan´s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah a „kafir“.

According to his own video messages Abu Zarr al-Burmi is keen on establishing a Shariah state not only in Pakistan but worldwide. In a German-language video release by IMU for example he talks about the historic region of Al-Hind. „At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, nine countries were part of Al-Hind“, al-Burmi says, „Sri Lanka, Maledives, Pakistan, Nepal, Kashmir, Bhutan, Baharat, Burma and Bangladesh.“ From Al-Burmi´s understanding these countries must be islamized again and must join to form a Islamic caliphate ruled by the Shariah.

In the person of Abu Zarrr al-Burmi (also known as Abu Zarr Azzam) the IMU has found a impressive example of Jihadi globalization: a Pakistani-educated cleric of Burmese origin is preaching the idea of International Jihad to foreign fighters in Pakistan´s tribal areas in fluent Arabic and Urdu.

Al-Qaida Celebrates Death Of A Propagandist

by Florian Flade

Abu Umar al-Yemeni – GIMF operative killed in Pakistan

„We inform the Islamic Ummah in general, and the Mujahideen specifically, of the news of the martyrdom of one of the leaders of the Global Islamic Media Front and a knight from the knights of the Jihadi media and the Jihadi forums“ – a new statement by the Global Islamic Media Front reads.

The Jihadi Media Outlet „Global Islamic Media Front“ (GIMF) which is mainly responsible for releasing statement by Al-Qaida and other groups in various translations is celebrating the death of the Yemeni citizen Abdel Moeed Bin Abd al-Salam aka „Abu Umar“. The Jihadi killed himself by exploding a handgrenade during a clash with Pakistani security forces in the Gulistan e-Jauhar district of Karachi on November 18.

Media reports said that an Al-Qaida operative who has been living in Pakistan for several years was killed in a military raid on a terrorist safehouse in Karachi. Pictures of Abu Umar´s dead body were presented to the media.

Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) is now providing the Jihadi community with details about who Abu Umar was. According to GIMF the Jihadi militant, born on July 17 1974 grew up in a wealthy family and worked as a teacher for global companies in Yemen and the USA. „He even obtained American citizenship for his parents“, the new GIMF statement reads. In fact Abdel Moeed´s was a flight engineer for Saudi Airlines for 18 years and immigrated to the US with his family when Abdel Moeed was seven years old.

Prior to the foundation of Al-Qaida Abdel Moeed joined the Islamic Jihad Group in Egypt. Shortly after 9-11 Abdel Moeed had the „desireto live among the Mujahideen happily“. When the US started its military campaign against Taliban ruled Afghanistan Abdel Moeed „changed his life completely and left all the comforts of the world and its concerns, dedicating his life to the support of Jihad and thwarting the oppression and aggression against the Islamic Ummah. So, he emigrated from America to the Land of al-Haramain, and began his Jihadi journey from there.“

From Saudi-Arabia he moved to several countries to wage Jihad there. He married a Pakistani woman named Humaira in 1996 and had three sons and one girl with her.

In Pakistan the leaders of Al-Qaida decided Abdel Moeed aka „Abu Umar“ should use his experience in the field of media and propaganda to support the Mujahidin with his skills in translation and editing. „Our brother – may Allah accept him – began working in the Global Islamic Media Front several years ago, and he worked as a translation member for the English language“, GIMF claims. During the past years Abdel Moeed traveled frequently to countries like Yemen, Mauritania and Morocco.

„He remained there until he became the official of the Language and Translation Department. Then he, may Allah accept him, established with some of his brothers the Qadisiya Foundation for Media to translate media material into the languages of the Indian subcontinent.“

„He established diffuse Jihadi media groups and trained his brothers who followed the path of the Jihadi media. He administrated many websites and Jihadi forums, and he guided and planned and attacked the enemy masterfully. He led the Jihadi forums and websites of splendor, attacking the strongholds of arrogance and infidelity, weakening the determination of its troops, and sabotaging their great media plans“

Bin Laden Courier Captured in Karachi?

by Florian Flade

May 4th, Gulshan e-Iqbal District, Karachi: Pakistani security forces raided a building in the center of the coastal town of Karachi. They arrested the suspected Arab al-Qaida member Muhammad Ali Qassim aka „Abu Suhaib al-Makki“.

According to Pakistani authorities Qassim, who had a satellite phone and GPS tracking devices on him at the time of the arrest, had lived in Pakistan for years with his wife and three children. His nationalities was not confirmed but it is suspected he is either a Yemeni or Saudi citizen of 35 to 40 years old. The Pakistani intelligence ISI believes Qassim took over an important role in al-Qaida after a US drone attack killed the Egyptian Mustafa Abu al-Yazid in May 2010.

Qassim allegedly speaks Pashto and Urdu and was, according to the BBC one of the main couriers between Osama Bin Laden and his deputy Dr.Ayman az-Zawahiri. He traveled a lot around Pakistan and had previously lived in various cities in the country, including Peshawar, Faisalabad and Abbottabad, where Bin Laden was killed by US Navy SEALs about two weeks ago.

US officials said „Abu Suhaib al-Makki“ was not on the most-wanted list of al-Qaida figures and is not suspected of being a member of the terrorist networks leadership. If the reports are true, he was a courier regularly transferring messages from Bin Laden to Zawahiri and vice versa, it is interesting to note that he was arrested only two days after Bin Laden was killed. Did Pakistani intelligence know about the presence of the Arab al-Qaida courier in Karachi? Where they tracking him or did they come across him only because of the intel found in the Bin Laden compound?