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Old Footage of Egyptian-Canadian Ahmed Khadr in Waziristan

by Florian Flade

Egyptian-Canadian Ahmed Khadr aka „Abu Abdurrahman al-Kanadi“ (upper right corner) and IMU´s late Amir Taher Yuldashev (left)

In a new German-language propaganda video by the „Islamic Movement Uzbekistan“ (IMU) very rare footage is shown of a Canadian Jihadist who was killed in Pakistan in 2003.

Ahmed Khadr aka „Abu Abdurrahman al-Kanadi“ was a 55 year-old Egyptian-Canadian who had lived in Toronto and studied at University of Ottawa before working as an aid worker for a relief organization in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 1980s. (read more here)

Khadr moved back to Pakistan in 1993 with his family and later lived close to the Bin Laden family in Afghanistan where his sons also trained in the Al-Qaida terrorist camps. One of his sons, Omar Khadr, is still imprisoned in Guantánamo Bay (Cuba) and is a victim of torture during severe interrogation. (read more here)

As the new IMU-propaganda video explains, Ahmed Khadr was killed on October 3 2003 in the Pakistani tribal areas of Waziristan alongside Abu Mohammed al-Turkestani, the leader of a Chinese Jihadist group, when Pakistani troops raided a village in South Waziristan. Footage recorded prior to his death does show him sitting next to IMU´s late leader Taher Yuldashev.

Khadr´s death, the IMU claims, was the trigger to start Jihad against the Pakistani government. The killing of Khadr and al-Turkestani led the IMU leadership to decide to wage Jihad not only in Afghanistan but declare the Pakistani military an even more important enemy.

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