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Berliner Ex-Rapper „Deso Dogg“ in Syrien verwundet

von Florian Flade


Erst vor wenigen Wochen besang Denis Cuspert, ehemals bekannt als Rapper „Deso Dogg“, noch seinen Wunsch den Märtyrertod zu sterben. Jetzt entging der Berliner Islamist offenbar nur knapp dem Tod. In Syrien wurde Cuspert, der sich „Abu Talha al-Almani“ nennt, angeblich bei einem Luftangriff verletzt.

„Einige Internetseiten haben die Nachricht verbreitet, dass unser Bruder und Mudschahid Abu Talha Al-Almani bei einem Luftangriff auf einer Stellung der Freien Syrischen Armee (FSA) getötet wurde“, heißt es in dem Schreiben der Gruppe „Millatu Ibrahim“, das am Montag in einem arabischsprachigen Internetforum auftauchte.

Cuspert sei nie Mitglied der FSA gewesen, schreiben die Islamisten weiter. Und er sei auch nicht getötet sondern lediglich verletzt worden.

„Was geschehen war, ist dass ein Haus eines Ansari (einheimischen Unterstützers) von einem Kampfjet und ein Helikopter angegriffen wurde“, so die Islamisten, „Dies führte dazu, dass einige Brueder verletzt wurden, darunter unser geehrte Bruder Abu Talha Al-Almani.“ Mehrere Kinder seien zudem bei dem Luftangriff ums Leben gekommen.

Deutsche Sicherheitsbehörden gehen davon aus, dass sich Cuspert vor einigen Monaten einer dschihadistischen Rebellengruppe in Syrien angeschlossen hat, um gegen das Assad-Regime zu kämpfen.

Nach Angaben deutscher Islamisten kämpfte Cuspert zumindest zeitweise auf Seiten der Gruppe „Junud ash-Sham“. Fotos, die in den vergangenen Wochen auf einschlägigen Internetseiten und in sozialen Netzwerken veröffentlicht wurden, zeigen den Berliner Dschihadisten in Kampfmontur, mit Flecktarn-Weste, Kalaschnikow und Panzerfaust.


„Welcome Back“ – Berlin Terror Suspects Freed

by Florian Flade

From right-left: „Abou Maleeq“, Hani N., Mohammad M. aka „Abu Usama al-Gharib“, Samir M.

A picture tells more than a thousand words. Samir M. and Hani N. couldn´t be more happy, smiling into the camera, surrounded by friends and comrades. The picture showing the two Berlin terror suspects next to former rap musician „Abou Maleeq“ and former prisoner Mohammad M. aka „Abu Usama al-Gharib“, appeared yesterday on Facebook.

On Wednesday evening Samir M. and Hani N., who had been arrested in Berlin on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack, were released after a judge ruled there was not enough evidence to extend the two men´s prison time. This however does mean the investigation into the case has been closed.

When Samir M. and Hani N. left the prison in Berlin-Moabit they were greeted and welcomed by their old friend – Ex-Rap musician Denis Cuspert alias „Abou Maleeq“, a Berlin native who has become a prominent figure within the Islamist community of Germany.

Amongst those picking up Samir M. and Hani N. from prison was Austrian Islamist figure Mohammad M. known as „Abu Usama al-Gharib“. M. has only been released from prison in Vienna since September 12. He had served a prison-term because he was spreading Jihadi propaganda on the internet. During his jail-time Mohammad M. became a well-known Islamist activist writing and preaching out of his prison cell.

Now Mohammad M. is a free man, joining Jihadi-Activism and rising the ranks of the Salafi Media operatives. He is now serving as the „Amir“ of Salafi Media Germany, making all the important decisions on various projects including „Ansar al-Aseer“ – a website created to help imprisoned Islamists.

The alleged Jihadi terror suspects Samir M. and Hani N. had been arrested by Berlin police squads on September 8 in their homes in Berlin-Kreuzberg and Berlin-Neukölln. Counter-terrorism investigators collected evidence both men had ordered large quantities of chemicals via the internet and were planning to build a bomb.

Lebanese Samir M. and Palestinian Hani N. were known members of the radical Salafi community of Berlin. When police raided Samir M.´s home in Berlin-Kreuzberg in 2009 they found literature with Jihadi content. In September 2009 he also tried to leave Germany and travel to Pakistan to join a terrorist group. Police arrested Samir M. and other Jihadi suspects at Berlin´s Airport Tegel.

Berlin Terror Suspects Admired Breivik

by Florian Flade

Samir M.´s mail-box in Berlin-Kreuzberg

„You are too late“, a neighbor told me, „your colleagues have all been here this morning.“ That morning, September 7, police raided a apartment in a building in Urbanstrasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Neighbors and journalists witnessed police officers arresting the 24 year-old German-Lebanese Samir M., whom people living next door describe as a calm and nice person.

Samir M. who lived in the multi-apartment building is suspected of having planned a terrorist attack in Germany. He is one of two terror suspects arrested in Berlin four days prior to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Samir´s friend, Hani N., was caught by a police squad in Berlin-Neukölln. At the same time a police squad raided the Ar-Rahman Mosque in Berlin-Wedding where Hani and Samir were regular visitors.

Both men are suspected of having formed a terrorist cell, planning to build a bomb. According to Berlin police Samir M. and Hani N. had ordered dry ice packs via Ebay and bought acid – a deadly combination when mixed in the right way.

Hani N., a 28 year old Palestian from Gaza who had studied medicine at a Berlin University, is the alleged head of the two-man terrorist cell. In his neighboorhood people describe N. as a very religious person, a devout Muslim who would tell teenagers to stop wearing soccer shirts bearing the names of „kuffar“ like Christiano Ronaldo. Often Hani N. was seen having his beard dyed red with hennah – a habit of the Prophet Mohammed.

Hani´s brother was killed in Gaza by the Israeli military in 2009. When Hani traveled to Gaza for the funeral, he radicalised in his religious and political views. In Gaza, Hani met his wife Aysha who is still living in the apartment, wearing the face-covering Niqab. The couple has two twin-boys Omar and Sunduc, Aysha is expecting the next baby soon.

„Hani´s brother was killed during fighting between Palestinians and Israelis“, Aysha N. tells reporters, „Hani did not want to die without having children. This is a sin according to the Quran.“

On September 30 2009 police arrested Samir M. at the Berlin Tegel Airport as part of a group of Islamists who were eager to travel to the terrorist camps of Waziristan. Investigators believe M. had been in contact with the Jihadi group „Deutsche Taliban Mujahedin“ (DTM) and knew several other terror recruits from Berlin – including Fatih K. and Alican T., both of whom have been sentenced to prison terms because of supporting a terrorist group abroad.

Shortly after the Norwegian Islamophobic terrorist Anders Breivik killed 77 people in a bomb attack and shooting mayhem on an island, counter-terrorism units read one of Hani N.´s e-mails. „Too bad it was not one of us“, he commented on the Norwegian massacre.

It is unclear how serious the threat posed by Hani N. and Samir M. really was but it seems Berlin´s police decided to act because the two-men-cell was close to building a dangerous explosive device. Police on the other hand claim the terrorist plot by Hani N. and Samir M. was in a very early stage of planning. No specific target has been choosen, no date set. The whole planning was not linked to the 9/11 anniversary or the visit of Pope Benedict XVI., police says.

„I hope my husband is not a terrorist“, Hani N.´s wife Aysha said, „These allegations are all lies.“