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Where is the Canadian Student-Trio?

Winnipeg, Manitoba – prairies country, far away from the violent wars being fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or Somalia. Yet, three students from University of Manitoba boarded a plane in early 2007, traveling from their peaceful and safe home in Canada, to the wilderness of Pakistani Waziristan. Since then – the Muslim students have disappeared.

Miawand Yar – an ethnic Afghan, born in Pakistan, arrested on charges of drug selling at a schoolyard

Ferid Imam – a student originally from East Africa with a great talent in soccer

Muhannad al-Farekh – born in Texas, grew up in the United Arab Emirates and endet up in Canadian Winnipeg

The three Muslim friends went on Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi-Arabia, the year before they disappeared, leaving family, friends and university comrades with questions and Canada´s security services with fear.

In the biggest terror investigation since 9/11 Canadian authorities started a global manhunt for the three students from Winnipeg. Suspicion is growing Ferid, Maiwand and Muhannad went to Pakistan to join al-Qaeda and to receive training in the terror camps of the tribal areas. Witnesses say, they saw the three men in their twenties in the Pakistani town of Peshawar, gateway to the terror safe havens along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Canadian newspaper „Globe and Mail“ followed the traces left being by the Winnipeg students who are believed to have turned into radical Jihadis. Families and friends talk about the missing boys, asking why they embraces the idea of violent jihad and finally made the decision to join the ranks of terror networks in Pakistan.

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