Schlagwort-Archive: Michael Bodenheimer

The Day Mahmoud al-Mabhuh Died

On January 20th 2010, hotel staff entered room 230 of the Bustan Hotel in Dubai.  On the bed lying they found the body of the room´s guest – Mahmoud al-Mabhuh. He was been dead for almost one day when staff found his body. What first seemed like natural causes of death were later discovered to be the result of a assassination by the world´s most feared intelligence agency – the Israeli Mossad.

In GQ Magazine, Israeli journalist and Mossad-insider Ronan Bergman, wrote a detailed minute-by-minute report of what happened in Dubai from 18-20th of January 2010. 27 Israeli agents arrived in the Emirate, waiting for their target person codename „Plasma Screen“ to arrive. Mahmoud al-Mabhuh traveled to the world in search for new donators and weapon´s traders for the Hamas cause. In 1989 he and a comrade had kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers. Since then the sword of revenge was hovering above his head. Mossad had been given the order to hunt al-Mabhuh down and kill him.

Although successful the Mossad-Operation in the Dubai luxury hotel was blown by the Dubai police who released the fake passport identities and footage of the survaillance cameras showing the movement of the Mossad hit team. Except for one agent who was arrested in summer 2010 in Poland and extradited to Germany, charged with passport-faking and then released to Israeli after paying a 60,000 EURO fine.

Read the remarkable story „The Dubai Job“ by Mr.Bergman here.