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British Aid Worker kidnapped in Afghanistan

by Florian Flade

Development Alternatives Inc – Building attacked in Kunduz (July 2010)

A British aid worker and three Afghan employees have apparently been kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan. They were traveling with two vehicles in the east of the country when they were attacked by armed men, according to the local police.

„We can confirm that a British citizen has been missing in Afghanistan,“ said the British Foreign Ministry on Sunday.
Afghan authorities confirmed the British woman and her colleagues were abducted on Sunday in eastern Afghan province of Kunar.

The kidnapped British woman was working as an expert on development aid for the aid organization DAI.
DAI spokesman told me yesteday: „I can confirm that we are working on a probable abduction case in Afghanistan involving a British national who works for DAI.“

Development Alternatives Inc (DAI) is running six projects in different parts of Afghanistan. Over 2,000 employees are working for the aid organization, including local and western workers.

In early July an DAI office in the northern Afghan City of Kunduz was attacked by Taliban fighters. A 32-year-old German and a British security guard were killed in the attack.

In August, several Western doctors died when their convoy was ambushed in the northeastern Afghan province of Badakhshan. Eight foreigners, including a German interpreter, several Americans and two Afghan companions were shot to death by the suspicious Taliban attackers.