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„Böses Vaterland“ – Deutscher Islamist Mounir C. droht mit Anschlägen

von Florian Flade

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Demonstrativ wird sein Pass eingeblendet: Mounir Chouka, geboren 1981 in Bonn Bad Godesberg, Staatsangehörigkeit: Deutsch.

Doch mit seinem Heimatland, das er „Böses Vaterland“ nennt, hat der 30jährige Bonner längst gebrochen. Vor Jahren schon ist Mounir Chouka zum Mudschahid „Abu Adam“ geworden, einem islamistischen Krieger, der in Waziristan für die Einführung der Sharia kämpft. In einem neuen Propagandavideo der „Islamischen Bewegung Usbekistans“ (IBU) vollzieht Mounir demonstrativ den endgültigen Bruch mit Deutschland – und droht den Bürgern der Bundesrepublik mit Terroranschlägen.

Deutschland sei ein Verbündeter der USA, ein Handlanger in den Kriegen Amerikas, so der aus Bonn stammende Dschihadist. Die deutsche Geheimdienste seien in den Kampf gegen Muslime involviert und hätten sich dabei mit Tyrannen und Diktatoren alliiert. Der Friedenseinsatz der Bundeswehr in Afghanistan sei in Wahrheit ein Verbrechen der USA mit umfangreicher deutscher Beteiligung, so Chouka.

„Die Wahrheit war und ist, dass die deutsche Regierung seit der erste Stunde mit im Boot der Amerikaner sitzt“, sagt Mounir C. über den Afghanistan-Einsatz der Bundeswehr, „Es war gewollt von den Amerikanern dass die deutsche Regierung bei diesem teuflischen und skrupellosen Krieg eine verdeckte Rolle übernimmt.“

„Die Wahrheit ist: Dass egal wo die Amerikaner auf der Welt gegen die Muslime kämpfen, ob in Somalia, in Palästina oder hier in Waziristan: die deutsche Regierung in selbem Maße mitwirkt, wenn nicht mit größerem Einsatz“, so der deutsche Islamist weiter.

„Unser Hauptfeind sind in erster Linie die deutschen Politiker und die deutschen Kräfte die im Hintergrund für die Juden arbeiten“, erklärt der aus Bonn stammende Terrorist, „Dennoch muss und wird es in Deutschland, so Allah will, eine Serie von Anschlägen auch gegen das Volk geben.

Der geplante Anschlag in Deutschland sei eine Art Rache und Lektion, so Mounir C.: „Warum sollen die Muslime in Angst leben und ihr in Sicherheit? Warum leben wir im Krieg und in Deutschland, das uns bekriegt, herrscht eine friedliche Atmosphäre?“

„Wir werden den Krieg bis vor eure Haustüren tragen“, warnt Mounir C. abschließend, „Der Dschihad in Deutschland ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit! Wenn die deutsche Bundeswehr 70 mal aus Afghanistan ausrücken wird, so werden wir die Deutschen weiter bekämpfen. Wir werden sie solange bekämpfen bis wir ausreichende Rache genommen haben für ihre Verbrechen und bis Allahs Erde unter der Führung seiner Diener steht.“


What Is Osama´s Last Tape About?

by Florian Flade

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They are the first glimpse at what US intelligence officials describe as a „treasure trove“, the largest amount of documents, video and picture material found in a single counter-terrorism raid in years – 2.7 terrabytes of data found inside Osama Bin Laden´s hideout in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, giving a rare insight look into Al-Qaida´s leadership.

Last week, the Pentagon released five videos which were among those found inside the Bin Laden compound, all showing the late Al-Qaida leader prior to  his death, watching TV or preparing for the recording of a video message. All audio data of the videos was erased by the US authorities, so none of the videos given to the media actually has any sound.

While the media focussed primarly on one video – the unusual footage of the elderly, grey-bearded terrorist leader sitting on the ground, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, surfing through Arabic TV channels, obviously watching news about himself and his terrorist network – the most interesting of the newly released „Bin Laden Home-Videos“ is not the raw footage but the apparently ready-for-release video speech by the Al-Qaida founder.

It appears to be a message by Bin Laden that has already underwent the final editing process of As-Sahab Media, Al-Qaida´s propaganda wing, bearing the usual intro and the As-Sahab logo in the lower right corner of the screen. Osama Bin Laden is seen sitting on a table, wearing a golden robe and a white turban. His beard was obviously dyed in a darker color. The whole scene is very similar to the last two officially released Bin Laden tapes in 2004 and 2007.

The 2007 video message titled „The Solution“, was released by Al-Qaida´s As-Sahab Media on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks and featured Bin Laden also with a dark-colored beard, sitting at a table with a golden-lavish robe.

In 2004, only a few days prior the US Presidential Elections, Al-Jazeera aired a blurry Bin Laden video message in which the Al-Qaida leader also wore the same robe and a white turban. Back then, his beard was not dyed but greyish, making Bin Laden look quiet older compared to the following and since then only other video message in 2007.

Question is: What do we know about what appears to be the last recorded video message of the most-wanted man alive? The intro of the now Pentagon-owned tape simply reads „From Osama Bin Laden to the American People“ – a title used in earlier messages. Apart from Bin Laden himself talking no other images are seen. In the As-Sahab „closing“ of the tape, a date and a statement is given, saying the tape was made in 1431 a.H. – meaning probably in 2010 according to the Gregorian calender. The Arabic closing statement of the 6 minutes and 40 seconds tape reads: „Either we live under Islam or we die a generous death“.

So what could be the topic Bin Laden talks about in this tape? Why was the video if recorded last year, not released since then? Why is the US government not releasing the content of the Bin Laden speech to the American people?

A) –  the video was made in 2010 but Bin Laden himself or the As-Sahab staff decided not to release it – maybe because they thought it could harm the secret life and hideout of the Al-Qaida leader or because they realized actually footage was not necessary to deliver the message and instead they released an audio tape of the speech

B)  – the message is not a specific one dealing with an current event like a hostage taking in North Africa, the US drone campaign, the parcel bomb plot or other developments that happened last year but a very universal statement – that can be released at any time, for example a speech where Bin Laden talks about his own death.

C) – the Bin Laden speech deals with a very specific event and the Al-Qaida founder talks about for example: the parcel bomb plot by Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. The attacks failed in October 2010 but maybe Bin Laden recorded the tape in case the bomb successfully exploded in the United States

D) – the video message could be one recorded as a claim of responsibility for an attack that was not yet carried out  for example: the alleged „Euro-Plot“

Until the Pentagon releases a transcript or the audio of the video, Al-Qaida releases the tape or a US official says in a statement what Bin Laden talks about, we will not find out what his final tape was about.

The fact that it seems to be ready for release until the US Special Forces got hold of it, could very well mean the As-Sahab distributors, those releasing the propaganda to the Internet forums, are already in possession of the tape. A Pentagon statement after the Abbottabad raid said, it is likely a new tape of Bin Laden will appear soon as he recorded one shortly before his death. It contains the usual propaganda, the Pentagon said, so it shouldn´t be a surprise for the public.

Al-Qaida itself highlighted in the eulogy statement to its Amir, that a message of Bin Laden, recorded in the week before he was killed, will be released soon, also dealing with the events in North Africa.

A few weeks ago I interviewed Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA´s „Alec-Station“ known as the „Bin Laden-Unit“. I asked him why since 2007 there was no new video apprearence of the Al-Qaida leader. Scheuer´s answer was mainly his own opinion but still a very interesting thought:

„The one thing Bin Laden knows that we have long since forgotten: there is power in silence. I suspect we keep getting audios, there won´t be a video till he attacks again in the United States. After that occurs we get a video in which he talks to the American people in sorrow rather than anger, saying: I warned you about this.“

„…not to hide it“ – Anwar al-Awlaki´s Newest Video

by Florian Flade

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The latest Anwar al-Awlaki video titled „To make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it” was kind of surprise for those following the Jihadi Internet propaganda regularly – not so much because of the message delivered by the US-Yemeni preacher but for several other reasons.

Why was the video not released by Al-Malahim, the official media wing of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula?

If this footage was not recorded by Al-Qaeda in Yemen, who did it?

Anwar al-Awlaki got awarded by the media the title „Most Dangerous Terrorist“ or „Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen“ – why is he not using this image to his advantage and presents himself as the one others say he is?

The key to Awlaki´s fame is with no doubt the influence on Western Muslims – So why not preach to them in English instead of Arabic (a language not spoken by British Muslim Youth of Pakistani origin for example)?

Awlaki´s message in general is covering several issues, among them the Sunni vs. Shia fight and the attack on corrupt Arab traitor regimes. The title of the video message hints to a Quranic Verse Surah 3:187

„Allah took a covenant from those who received the scripture: „You shall proclaim it to the people, and never conceal it.“ But they disregarded it behind their backs, and traded it away for a cheap price. What a miserable trade.“

The Yemeni government and Ulama, Awlaki claims, are acting as friends and allies of the U.S. and the Jews. According to the Jihadi preacher they have become „more Crusader-like than the Crusaders, and more Jewish-like than the Jews“.

Somalia´s Shabaab militants and the Afghan Taliban are titled „brothers“ by Awlaki, naming them as true actors according to Sharia.

Awlaki also attacks Shia Iran, saying the Iranian nuclear program does not serve the Ummah and the establishment of the Kalifat but only „the Persian, the Shia project“.

Most importantly Anwar al-Awlaki calls for the killing of Americans without waiting for religious justification by any of the Ulama. „Do not consult anyone in killing the Americans. Fighting Satan does not require a jurisprudence. It does not require consulting. It does not need a prayer for the cause. They are the party of Satan…“

See the Arabic transcript of Awlaki´s latest time here