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Friends of Gaddafi

George W.Bush, Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi, Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy – they all shared a common friend, someone who had turned from hated, shunned terrorist-supporter to a reformed new ally of the West: Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Newsweek´s Christopher Dickey wrote in his latest piece „Can Buy Me Love“ about the story of Al-Gaddafi´s relationship with the Western political leaders and how he – despite hostages takings and calls for Jihad against Switzerland – managed to become one of the most celebrated ensnared African leaders, buying new friendships with oil money and promises of fighting al-Qaida and the steady stream of immigrants rushing to the shores of Europe.

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Egypt´s Martyr – The Trigger For A Revolution

Egypt´s Revolution is a face-less one? Not really. Neda became the symbol for the people´s uprising in Iran after the last Presidential elections, university graduate Mohammed Bouaziz´s suicide by setting himself on fire was the trigger for Tunisia´s „Jasmine-Revolution“ that toppled the Ben Ali-regime within a few days. In Egypt the name of the symbol for the biggest anti-government protest since the 1970s is Khalid Said.

Said, a 28-year old blogger from Alexandria, was beaten up by the Egyptian police forces on June 6 2010 and died of his injuries.  He had posted a video of policemen allegedly taking drugs – and became the victim of their revenge. When people began to question why Khalid Said had died, the police claimed the young man had swallowed drugs shortly before he was arrested and died. Pictures of Said tell a very different story – they show a dead body tortured and severely beaten.

For hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, Khalid Said became the symbol of police brutality and a regime which does not care much about the people and justice. A Facebook fanpage was created named „We are all Khalid Said“ and thousands joined to support the websites message of demanding a regime-change in Egypt. It was this website who called for massive protests during January 25, the „Police Day“. The Facebook group´s creator remains anonymous under the name „ElShaheed“ („the martyr“) and calls for Egyptians to take to the streets to protest against Mubarak´s oppressive regime.

„There is no gender. There is no name. There is no leader. It is purely about the thought“ – says an US-activist who spoke with Newsweek Magazine about the Facebook page „We are all Khalid Said“. The administrator of the website himself told Newsweek, Tunisia´s revolution had given hope to the Egyptians.

„A lot of Egyptians lost that hope years ago,” ElShaheed said. “Now people start to pay more attention to the activists, and there is a hope that we can make it.”

Read the Newsweek´s story about the Blogger and his influence on the current events that will shape Egypt´s future like no other in nearly 30 years.

„The Mysterious „Anonymous“ behind Egypt´s Revolt“

Al-Qaeda 2010

Newsweek´s Sami Yousafzai has written an incredible piece telling the story of a young Pakistani teenager joining al-Qaeda in the tribal areas of Waziristan in 2009. The boy leaves his parents home in Karachi to live a jihadist´s life in terror training camps along the Afghan border. He meets high ranking al-Qaeda leaders like Adam Gadahn alias „Azzam al Amriki“ and Western Jihad recruits – including three Germans – and witnesses deadly CIA drone attacks.

This great article gives a rare insight look into how Osama Bin Laden´s terror network looks like in 2010. By telling the story of the Pakistani teenager who willingly joined militants in their fight against NATO in Afghanistan, an authentic picture is drawn of the situation in the tribal areas today.

Al-Qaeda is only a miniture faction in the Pakistani/Afghan insurgency but the stream of foreign fighters is ongoing, including Saudi jihadis bringing in a steady flow of cash.

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