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Al-Qaeda Photos show French Hostages

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Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has released a slideshow of photos showing the seven people including five French nationals who were kidnapped in Niger earlier this month. The images were added to an audio tape, in which the French hostages explained their situation.

Two of the French hostages are employees of Areva, a French nuclear agency company and worked at a Niger uranium mine.

Last week, al-Qaeda in North Africa claimed to have kidnapped the five French, a man from Madagascar and one man from Togo. No demands were made.

Due to France´s military operation against al-Qaeda a few weeks back and because of the French Burqa-ban, it is possible at least some of the hostages will get executed by the Jihadi militants.

UPDATE II on Denmark Bomb Case

Danish Police released first pictures today of the bomb suspect who was injured by his own explosives while building a bomb in a hotel in Danish capital Copenhagen on September 10th.

Currently there is a press conference going on, in which new information will be revealed by Danish security officials.

Still the identity of the man is not known. He carried Belgian and Luxembourg ID documents that where either faked or had been stolen seven years ago. The man never used any cell phone or credit card while in Denmark and was successful in leaving no traces, police says.

The bomb suspect acted alone, investigators believe, and is now trying to hide his identity and motives by not talking to the police. In hospital it became clear the person speaks English, French and German and is assumed to be from Western or Central Europe.

If he was about to carry out a terrorist attack is not known so far. Not even the target of his bomb attack has been identified. Investigators as well as the former head of Danish intelligence PET said the case looks like a spy story involving an agent who is now not telling about his failed mission.