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Pakistani Taliban release video of Swiss hostages

by Florian Flade

CORRECTION: Previously I wrongly mentioned Mr.Saifullah Mehsud as part of the Taliban movement. This is of course NOT TRUE. Mr.Saifullah Mehsud is the Director of the „FATA Research Center“ ( a non partisan and non-political research organization based in Islamabad which focusses on analysis of political events in the Federal Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. He is a key source when it comes to the case of the Swiss hostages.

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The Tehrik e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) that captured the two Swiss nationals David O. and Daniela W. in July have released two video messages by the hostages, both of them showing the Swiss couple alive, pleeing for their release.

In the first video David O. and Daniela W. of the Canton Berne are seen sitting inside a building during nighttime.

„A new announcement for the Swiss government but also for the Pakistani government and the American government“, David O. says in English, „We are still in danger here. Please let go Mister Aafia Siddiqi from America. So please also let go the prisoners that Pakistan have from the Taliban. Let them go because we are in danger and we have much of a problem if you don’t make what this person want.“

In the second video, both hostages are sitting in front of four masked Taliban fighters, three of them holding AK-47s to the hostages´ heads. The Swiss couple speaks for about four minutes in their mothertongue Swiss-German. David O. presents a the Pakistani daily newspaper „Dawn“ September 15th issue to the camera, proving the date the video was recorded.

„We fear for our lives“, David O. pleads, „Please, please finally agree to these demands!“

Swiss nationals David O. and Daniela W. were on a private journey touring Iran and then crossing into southern Pakistan´s region of Balochistan where they were kidnapped. The couple was then taken to the Waziristan tribal areas controlled by various local warlords and terrorist groups including the Tehrik e-Taliban and the Haqqani network. Both hostages are believed to be held near the town of Miranshah in the North Waziristan Agency.

According to information from Pakistan, the Taliban commander Wali ur-Rehman who claims to hold the hostages, is demanding the release of about 100 imprisoned Taliban militants and a ransom of about 3 Million US-Dollars. A very specific demand by the TTP was made public a few months ago: Allegedly the TTP want the Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqi to be released from U.S. custody.

Siddiqi was arrested by U.S. forces on the accusation of being an Al-Qaida operative. During interrogation tried to kill an American soldier by grabbing his gun and was sentenced to 86 years in prison by a U.S. court in September 2010.

Al-Qaida´s Apple-Fetish

by Florian Flade

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You love the iPhone, iPad and all the other communication devices designed by Apple? So does al-Qaida. For the first time last week the terror network´s media wing „As-Sahab“ has published a preview-banner of a new, soon-to-be-released propaganda tape – in the shape of a new iPad 2. The GIF-animation features screenshots from the upcoming video, including stills of late al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden and American convert Adam Gadahn aka „Azzam al-Amrikki“.

Why al-Qaida choose an iPad image to announce the new tape´s release? I don´t know. But al-Qaida used similar preview banners in recent years, mostly using the shape of iPhones. For example al-Qaida´s branch in Iraq – the „Islamic State of Iraq“ – posted a iPhone4-style banner on the Jihadi forums last year to promote it´s „Battle of the Prisoners Part II“ video.

The first intention in using the Apple products seems to be a very plain and simple one: Look! We are adapting to modern Western technology! We are not stuck in the 7th century but instead use devices like smart phones and portable computers to spread the message of Jihad.

In addition to that, al-Qaida is expanding its reach on the sympathizer and fan-side by providing video and audio files that can be played, streamed or even downloaded onto a up-to-date smart phone like the iPhone 4. Within the community of Western Jihadis in Europe and North America or even just those interested in the propaganda material without supporting the organization or ideology, there are for sure more than a handful of smartphone users. So it should not be surprising al-Qaida & Co are entering the world of modern portable technology. In fact numerous terror groups have been providing 3gp-format files of their video releases for years now – especially meant to attract those spreading the propaganda on their mobile phones.

American Al-Shabaab Jihadi Released Rap-Songs

by Florian Flade

About four weeks ago, Somalia´s Defence Minister claimed he had obtained intelligence information indicating the American citizen and Al-Shabaab militant Omar Hammami aka „Abu Mansour al-Amriki“ had been injured in battle with Somali troops in Mogadishu and later died of his wounds. Hammami´s death however was never officially confirmed by Al-Shabaab nor by any other Jihadi source.

A new audio release on a Somali Jihadi website now leads to the conclusion that Hammami might still be alive. Two English rap songs labeled as Nasheeds and recorded by Omar Hammami were released today, titled „Send Me A Cruise“ and „Make Jihad With Me“. Both are allegedly part of a larger release of a full Nasheed collection.

In „Send Me A Cruise“, the American-born Jihadi Hammami raps about his wish for martyrdom:

Send me a cruise like Maa’lam Adam al Ansari
And send me a couple of tons like Zarqawi
And send me a drone like Abu Laith al Libi
And Special Forces like Saleh Ali Nabhani

Send me all four and send me much much more
I pray for that on my way to heavens door
Send me four and send me more, that what I implore
An amazing martyrdom I strive for and adore

Hammami glorifies the American way of hunting down terrorists, embraces the drone campaign and praised a martyr´s death.

There’s nothing as sweet as the taste of a tank shell
But it could be compared to being where the mortar fell
But all that could be seen as tasteless
Compared to smart bombs falling when they don’t miss
It was a beautiful day, when that predator paradise missile sent me on my way
A one way ticket with no stops or delays, no problems in the grave nor fear on that day
Or better yet send me a cruise, and send me on a cruise
Family rejoices at the news and follows me in what I do

I profess and strive against those who oppress and transgress
I obsess not depress for martyrdom success

In the second song released by Al-Shabaab today, Hammami tries to reach out to the Muslim youth, calling them to come to the lands where Jihad is fought to join militant groups.


Make Jihad With Me
Allahu Akbar Give Some More Bounty
Attack America Now!
Martyrdom or Victory
We take it Nairobi to Addis – Paradise Inside
Khilafah is here!

We are wiping Israel clear off the globe!

You finally made it here after the long wait
You enter the training camp and study the din
You officially join the Mujahidin
You attack the kuffar where they oppress and stand
And the allies too to free the Muslim land
And implement Sharia – that´s our goal
To spread Allah´s word to every home

With you or without you Islam will succeed
Take part in the reward – Make Jihad with me!

Hammami, who hails from the Alabama town of Daphne, has an American mother and a Syrian father. He converted to Islam and embraced the Salafi interpretation of the religion, becoming more and more fundamentalist in his believes and views on world politics.

In 2006 he left the US and traveled to Somalia were he joined up with Al-Shabaab and trained in one of their camps and became a commander of the Mujahiroun Unites, the foreign fighters of Al-Shabaab. Apart from a Al-Jazeera Hammami once gave sitting in front of the camera in the Somali bushland, wearing a military uniform and a scarf wrapped around his head, the American Jihadi also appeared in several propaganda tapes.

„From Somalia and Shishaan, from Iraq and Afghanistan, gonna meet up in the Holy Lands, establishing Allah’s Law on the land“ – Hammami sung in one of the first Nasheeds he produced in Somalia, released in May 2010.

Today´s release of the English rap Nasheeds is not a doubtless proof Hammami is still alive. He could have been killed in March and recorded the songs earlier. This however, I would label as very unlikely, as Al-Shabaab would without a doubt announce Hammami´s martyrdom prior to releasing his old propaganda material.