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U.S. Journalist Found Dead In Lebanon

by Florian Flade

UPDATE: Lebanese media is reporting today that U.S. journalist John Redwine died as a result of a hiking incident. The American allegedly fell of a rock while climing the mountains of Central Lebanon and suffered from a deadly injury to his head. His death meanwhile was confirmed by United Nation staff in the country.

Lebanese TV reports U.S. freelance journalist John Redwine went missing last Saturday on a hiking trip in Northern Lebanon. Mr.Redwine´s car was found in the Kesrouan region. Unconfirmed reports say the American journalist was found dead near the city of Baskinta. No word on wether Redwine was killed or died because of an accident or natural causes.

Lebanese soldiers were using two helicopters and trained sniffer dogs to search for the missing journalist. UN staff meanwhile told reporters John Redwine´s dead body has been found.

John Redwine, a U.S. citizen born in 1978 in Sioux City (Iowa), has been living in Beirut for several years, reporting about political events in the country and neighboring Syria. He is fluent in Arabic and traveled the region extensively. In April American TV channel „Fox News“ interviewed Mr.Redwine about the uprising in Syria. In 2006 he worked as an Arabic translator for ABC News during the Israel-Hizbollah War.

Redwine´s death comes admits rising tension in the intelligence community as Lebanese Hizbollah has exposed a CIA spy network allegedly operating in Lebanon.

The Journalist Who Dined With Terrorists And Spies

To be honest: I was never a huge fan of Syed Saleem Shahzad´s work. His articles in the Asia Times, his inside knowledge of Al-Qaida´s activities, his sources within the Pakistani intelligence community, his suggestions about Bin Laden´s whereabouts – all that to me seemed to be so overstated, so unrealistic, I very much doubted Shahzad´s credibility.

That was for a quite simply reason: it was unbelievable how much this journalist colleague knew in detail about the Jihadi world of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Shahzad interviewed Al-Qaida´s Chief planner Ilyas Kashmiri although CIA and ISI claimed he was killed in a U.S. drone strike. How on earth was Syed Saleem Shahzad able to do what he did?

I sent him an e-mail once, asking about his opinion on foreign Jihadi militants in the Waziristan region. Shahzad never responded.

Now Syed Saleem Shahzad is dead. He was kidnapped, tortured and killed. The killers later dumped his dead body on a field in eastern Pakistan where it was found May 30th. Who killed the journalist who dined with terrorists and powerful intelligence officers? There is no question why Shahzad was killed. The answer is: he knew too much – in so many ways.

Read Dexter Filkins´ mind-blowing piece „The Journalist and the Spies“ in The New Yorker to learn more about the case of Syed Saleem Shahzad. Filkins collected all the information available about Shahzad´s work in the weeks leading to his death. He presents a remarkable article taking you deep inside Pakistan´s intelligence world and how one journalist became too dangerous for so many elements of the dirty game that is still going on in that part of the world.

I also advise you to read Shahzad´s last book „Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban: 9/11 and Beyond“ to get a glimpse of an idea how detailed and sometimes truely unbelievable this man´s knowledge about Al-Qaida, the Taliban & Co. was.

25 Million Dollar Bin Laden-Reward To Christiane Amanpour (!)

by Florian Flade

The question all those journalists, authors and researchers working on terrorism and al-Qaida will (or rather said did) hear sooner or later: „Where is Osama Bin Laden?“ Most of us would have answered:

A in the Pakistani tribal areas
B in a remote Afghan province like Kunar or Nuristan
C in a remote Pakistani region like Bajaur or Kashmir
D in a small hideout in a big Pakistani city like Karachi

Back in 2008, senior war-correspondent Christiane Amanour had a very different answer when she was a guest at Bill Maher´s „Real Time“ Show on HBO. She said someone „very knowledgable“, a woman who was „in American intelligence“ told her „Bin Laden is in a nice, comfortable villa in Pakistan“.

Three years have passed since Amanpour made that statement on Maher´s show, and who would have thought the experienced reporter was closer to the truth than she possibly could have imagined herself? On May 1th 2011, a team of US Navy Seals raided a mansion in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, north of Islamabad, and killed the Al-Qaida leader in the villa-like compound that was in fact Osama Bin Laden´s hideout for almost five years.

Isn´t Mrs.Amanopour´s clue to the Bin Laden residence worth the US-$ 25 Million reward the United States had offered for information leading to the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden?