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Deputy Leader of Caucasus Emirate Killed

by Florian Flade

Abu Supyan – Caucasus Jihadi´s Deputy

A bloody battle must have taken place in a village in Ingushetia on March 28 when Russian special forces started an operation to hunt down the masterminds of the January 24 suicide bombing at Moscow´s Airport. At least 17 Islamist rebels and several Russian soldiers were killed during the night combat operation.

New agencies quoted Russian counter-terrorism officials as saying there were some indications the most wanted terrorist in Russia, Dokku Umarov, head of the „Islamic Caucasus Emirate“, was one of the fatalities in the military raid. „Russia´s Bin Laden Killed“, several news outlets around the world reported. Yet, Umarov´s death was not officially confirmed.

Now the „Islamic Caucasus Emirate“ has released a statement announcing the „martyrdom“ of its Deputy Commander Abu Supyan and denying the killing of Dokku Umarov. Abu Supyan was a Jihadi militant active in the Caucasus since November 16 1994, according to the terrorist group. He allegedly was a „experienced teacher, scout and commander“ and „trained hundreds of young Mujahidin in warfare, Islam and Jihad“. In the 1990s he served on the frontline of the Grozny battles, leading fighters in combat against Russian forces.

The now killed Deputy Commander of the Caucasian Jihadis was a very close companion of Dokku Umarov. Another very close aid, his personal doctor, Yusup Buzurtanov, was killed too in the March 28 military operation. „A bag with medical supplies, including syringes and vials with insulin was found near Buzurtanov’s body“, according to Russian media reports. This indicated rumors, Umarov suffers from diabetes.

Seems like Russia´s enemy No.1, Dokku Umarov, is still at large. Recently, he warned Russia to expect a year of terror.

„War is war“ – Dokku Umarov´s Message to Putin

by Florian Flade

„Everybody should know – war is war, and wars have their own methods, be they good or bad“

– Russia´s most-wanted man, Caucasian Jihadi leader Dokku Umarov couldn´t be more precise in his latest description of the terror campaign he announced against the Russian state.

In a new video released earlier this month, Dokku Umarov warns of more attacks against Russian targets. So do not forget, „dear“ Putin’s stooges, and Putin, that you are at war with the Muslims of Caucasus!“, Umarov says in the tape showing him wearing his camouflage uniform, „God willing, such operations will be carried out further…no matter what atrocities and crimes you commit against the civilian population, against our brothers and sisters, we will deliver you such strikes that you will be unhappy of them!“

Umarov also highlights an interesting fact about suicide bombing at Moscow´s Domodedovo Aiport on January 24 in which 35 people were killed. The suicide bomber named „Sayfullah“ was sent by the „Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus“, a group headed by Umarov. A video claim of responsibility showing the bomber giving his martyrdom statement was released two weeks after the bloody attack. It was then followed by a second video showing Umarov directly mentioning the Airport attack.

„He insisted on making the film even though I asked him not to show his face“, the Chechen terrorist leader tells, „I kept this video as long as the infidels didn’t establish the identity of our brother Sayfullah, and only after that, knowing their treachery, knowing their lawlessness, knowing how much sufferings they will bring to his family -only then I published this video, when I was definitely convinced that they know our brother.“

Eventually security forces in the Northern Caucasus arrested the sister and a brother of the suicide bomber.

If Umarov´s words of terror threats will be followed by real action is to be questioned. Local security forces have stepped up counter-terrorism measures in the Northern Caucasus recently, sweeping through villages and arrested scores of potential terror supporters.

Russia´s Old Enemies Return – Suicide Bombing at Moscow Airport

by Florian Flade

Aftermath of today´s bomb explosion at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow

Once again Russia was struck today by the forces of terrorism from the North Caucasus. This time Moscow´s International Airport Domodedovo was the target, hit by one or possibly even multiple explosions in the late afternoon hours. According to various news reports at least 31 people died and 130 others were injured when a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up inside the aiport.

Domodedovo has been closed, all flights canceled and airplanes diverted to other Moscow airports. The Moscow transport system including the underground which was the target of Islamist terrorists in the past are on high alert right now.

Russia´s President Dimitri Medwedew said on State TV those responsible for today´s terror attack will be hunted down and punished.

Latest reports from Russia suggest North Caucasian networks are suspected of being the masterminds of the explosion at the airport today. Detail information is very rare at this point. Some reports say the bomb went of near the Asian Café in a lounge area of the aiport. Other media outlets are quoting witnesses as saying at least two explosions happened near the custom´s area or even the luggage claim.

The area were the alleged terror attack happened is frequented by passengers from Ukraine, Egypt, Germany, the UK, Greece, Belgium and Cuba. It is unconfirmed if there are foreigners among the casualties.

In October 2010 two female suicide bombers struck Moscow´s underground system, killing dozens. Both women were from the North Caucasus, widows of Jihadi rebels belonging to the „Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus“ network led by Dokku Umarov. Recently the Umarov network struggled from an internal fight about leadership position named a „fitna“ by colleague Aaron Zelin in his report.

Even with the internal fights between different regional commanders of the „Islamic Emirate“, the terror group remains a potent and lethal enemy to Russia itself and its allies in the Caucasus. In 2009 Dokku Umarov re-established the „Riyad us-Salihin – Brigade“, a special unit responsible for suicide bombing. This martyrdom-seeker´s unit carried out several attacks in the Caucasus Republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia and Kabardino-Balkaria and is actively recruiting men and women from the local population.